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Hi, I am new here, so I need your guy's help. Well I have been reading some threads that relates to my question, but I followed dirrections and I guess I wasn't successfull. What I need is step by step instructions, because I have always been seeing errors. If you can help me put backgrounds into my PSP, that would really help. I stayed up till 4 o'clock in the morning. I tired like 20 times, and still failed. So if anyone can help me, I would be ready to listen. I would like to communicate with aim because I don't have to keep logging on and off with afterdawn. My aim Screen name is; filipinozrule21. Thanks again for your patience and I hope someone can help me out here, I am going crazy. Thanks

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johnodd4 Suspended account
ok here is the problem with doing the background hack

1.the bitmaps must be labeled in this format


2. the bitmap cannot exceed 150k in size

3. the bitmap must be in 320x230 must not exceed this or your psp will be dead

amd has a walkthrough check it out
z21 Suspended due non-functional email address
I think the problem is that I need two memeory stick. Because I have been reading that you need two memeory sticks... But I only Have one; which is 32MB. So do I need to buy another memory stick to put backgrounds onto my PSP...Thanks


Check your PSP's firmwear, because PSPersonilize dosent support 1.51, and 1.52
z21 Suspended due non-functional email address
What's firmware...and where can I find it. Thanks

You find out what firmwear you have by going into System Settings and clicking on System info!!

z21 Suspended due non-functional email address
Woo Hoo... I have 1.50 firmware that means that I can put backgrounds onto my PSP... may you help me put backgrounds onto my PSP... Well if you can...That would help me a lot and save some time...because I have been trying to put backgrounds onto my psp like 100 times...and never was successfull. I got premade backgrounds at the dirrections on how to put the backgrounds are hard to I need your help...and if you can help me step by step...I would be very happy...If you have aim...can we talk to each other there so I don't have to log off and log on on here is my aim screen name... Filipinozrule21...Thanks I may not be on for a while but please add me as your buddy list...and if you want after you are done hepling me with the background can delete me as a thanks again and hope to here a reply from you...Thanks A Lot

Really need help here guys with this background, I have 1.5 firmware and when I try using the program on my psp it just says finished...

can someone help me
evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address
when i launched the pspersonalize it would go to a black screen that would say something to the nature of "flash to 07.bmp?" and i would press the 0 button to save it, and it went to the finished screen, then i would wait a few secs and then either turn it off...and when it loaded it would have the background displayed.....MAKE SURE you have changed the file name from "****.BMP" to "the number of the monthe, i.e. 07.BMP"

Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll

One thing I found out is that you have to download the Imige from PSPersonilize instead of just click "Save Picture as"

evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address
not really...i just right click on the pic and "saved" to "my pictures", then when i wanted to use it i went to that file and renamed it to the number for that month..then moved it to "pspersonalize" but i did see that some sites said to download the pic, but i clicked on them and nothing happened that's why i just saved mine...also a lil' reminder you may want to go to and get the original background file..just in case you need to reset those files..i downloaded them and left them on my comp for safe keeping...also if you want to free up some memory card space without losing any of your saves, you can just move them to your comp. so you can have them for later and free up room for new games, saves, pics, music, videos, and backgrounds..i know everyone probably already knows this but just a lil' reminder on it...also on a side note i started a thread to find sites for homebrew games and for backgrounds if anyone has any good sites please right now there are only three so hopefully we can get some is the link
holla, ;)

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could someone plz help me... ive been trying for weeks to set my psp backround but no luck. i tried putting the picture file in the psp personalize folder and it still dont work.. all i get is a finsished screen... after that do i have to click home and quit back to main menu or shutit off? and oh ya one more thing.. how do i find if the picutre is a 24 bit color picture?

i would aprreciate n e help thank you..
evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address
here go to this link i have a guide there for pspersonalize

Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll

What is bad that could happen to the PSP if you try to change the backgrounds?
why dont you just go on to update your psp to 2.00 firmware that firmware lets you do alot of stuff like internet change backgrounds and a whole lot of other stuff
firmware 2.00 came out in japan
matty1234 Suspended due non-functional email address
were do you get PSPersonilize from thanks
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