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Motherboard M810D

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I'm looking for any information on a motherboard that has silk screened model number M810D. I think it is a Pc chips board, not sure. I repair computers as a hobby and this guy brought me a tower that needs drivers and such in order for it to work. Problem is the motherboard installation drivers disc is MIA. Can anyone help?
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check this link but need to know the rev level the board is so check the back 2 corners & beside the m810d writing
version 7.5, and whoever built this machine used locking screws of some sort--can't move the board off the inner chassis of the tower.
might have used either locktite or crazy glue. if have a soldering iron or gun, heat the top of the screws for several minutes or more or less than should be able to remove the screws
Sorry that is just one tool I don't have. Any other suggestions?
if the psu is covering part of the board than remove it so can look at the board. ask your friends or the computer's owner if have soldering tool. do you have a heat gun or paint stripper gun??
on the back of the board it says BLD E206922 PS-1. i have yahoo messenger: miztory
does the screws go into brass standoffs or into the back panel itself??
I got the board off the chassis. my last response is what the back of the board says
on the topside by the 2 back corner screws see if there is a rev level marked there. also if post the board on the post screen at top left side or at bottom might show rev level tho might be for bios
there is no revision information. and the bios date is 2003 not sure of number because system is all apart at the moment
go thru the link & look at all the 810 series board with hopefully a board layout to compare to what you have. what chipset is it using??
i honestly don't know about that. I dabble in fixing things. Normally in all the systems I have fixed I have never had to get this in-depth. Normally I can find what I need and be on my way.
i do this all the time. does it have intel, via or sis chips not the cpu's? does it have onboard video & lan??
It has onboard video, sound, and a cnr modem/lan card.. I see Sis markings all over it.
the board has SiS 650 \ 651 \ 740 videocard, SiS AGP Driver, SiS 900 onboard LAN driver, PCtel AMR/CNR Modem card driver & C-Media codec Sound on board driver. goto this link for latest drivers for sis , this link for c-media but will have to find the # off the sound chip
ok that worked!!! Now I need to figure out how to get the USB drivers for this system.. any suggestions?
windows will load its own drivers tho sis site might have it. don't think it has usb2 onboard because if did than need xp sp1 loaded before loading usb2 driver
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