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I am trying to use the codecs in ffdshow to decompress an avi file (inside virtualdub)and it seems to be unobtainable. Is there a guide this business of codecs, anywhere, anyone? It is my first attempt and the program seems not to be 'executable' - is that the right word? At any rate, I am truly stuck. Brian in Chesterfield
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In VDub under the compression menu, select FFDShow, then go into the decoder tab and make sure that whatever you want to decompress is not set to disabled. For most this would mean setting it to libavcodec.

2004-10-12 I think had a bug where FFDShow wasn't installed correctly for VfW under NT based OS's. In such a case FFDShow won't be listed and therefor can't be used to decode even if enabled. Two ways to fix it, change the vidc.ffds entry or update to a newer version of FFDShow like FFDShow-20050703.
many thnx for your advice, celtic; I am no further on, as after going into the decoder tab, having selected FFDShow, the file I want to work with is not in evidence. Nor can I see how to 'enable' it. The word libavcodec does not appear. I am using vdub 1.6.7, and the latest FFDShow, downloaded 2 days ago. This is obviously top level programming which I have doubts I will cope with. Probably i have not installed correctly, or summat.
Last week i successfully joined some split mpeg film files and actually burned 3 off 1h 30 min films on to a DVD, to play back on my TV - no probs. This week I am trying to do the same - but with AVI files, which have to be joined with Vdub which says to install FFDShow - which I did - but the prog still says it cant find the right decompression codec; it is looking for DIV3, or DivX low-motion. I think I must search on after dawn for this and install it. Ta again.
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