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Any one had any experiences with a Digigr8 VIDEO CAMCORDER CAMERA 3.1MP BUILT-IN 32MB DV?

I am contemplating buying one and wish to know of any quality/pastexperiences/price?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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bought it about 4 mo ago. works excell. for less than 100 bucks.
Use for snapshots,not camcorder tho
Hello. I have recently bought one of these for myself and one for my Granparents. I paid only 25 each on eBay although they were mostly going for 40-60 so I was extremely lucky (Just kept bidding on everyone that is listed!)

The still photo quality is excellent for the price although it doesn't cope very well indoors (especially at night) because there is no flash. There is a mode for night photos that works and the picture looks fine on the screen but as soon as you press the shutter button it switches the mode off and the photo comes out dark and the camera goes back to normal mode.

The video quality is quite low and it is fuzzy and blocky and the sound is fuzzy although very loud and you can here what is said etc clearly. The video also comes out very dark indoors like the photos and you can barely see what is happening.

All this said it is very good for the price (Don't pay more than 50 though!!) and would be great if you just want a cheap digital camera to take holiday snaps on, like my Granparents do. I am still deciding if it is for me though as I wanted it for video really, I didnt expect it to be excellent but I did think it would be a bit better than it is (i.e. I thought that you'd be able to see when filming indoors in the middle of the day!) If I decide that I do not want it I will sell it on eBay for around 49.99 including Postage and Packaging if anyone is interested.

Oh, one final thing, you most certainly need to get a SD Memory card especially for video, they are quite cheap and I would recommend investing in some rechargable batteries as these are not usually included and i imagine that it would be quite expensive to use on alkaline batteries. Also if you don't already have one you will need a charger for them obviously. I bought a charger and 4 AA Batteries in B&Q yesterday for about 8 so they arent very expensive and you can use them in other things as well.

Just bought a Digigr8 as well for the kids. However the LCD screen is in Chinese. Any ideas on how to change it to English. Manual doesn't provide this ifo.


All you have to do is press "Menu/ OK", Left Arrow, and Up Arrow "Menu/ OK". That should fix it. Any problems tell me and I'll try to help.
Some of the features are missing from the manual and it only describes the basics. You need to experiment a bit with the menu once you get it in English, for example - to set the date and time you press "Menu/ OK" left 4 times, down, menu/ ok, and then set it, press menu/ok, use arrows to select Yes and press menu/ok.

in the Uk you will also need to change the TV output to PAL. Menu/ OK, 3x Left, Use up/ Down arrows to select PAL and Menu/ OK.
Yep, tried it and now in English. Thanks for help. I will need to experiment with it.


Hi. I managed to get my DigiGr8 to work with the TV, but must have cocked up the PC installation somehow. When I connect it via the USB, and press the preview button to select mass storage nothing happens. I can't access anything on the camera. Video and Image Impression resolutely ignore the camera's existance.

I DID make the mistake of plugging in the camera before clicking Finish....which led to Windows telling me I'd gone all wrong. So I uninstalled then reinstalled the driver and did it properly this time but then nothing happened. Nothing starts when the camera's connected and opening the programs included manually yields no results either.

Should I just uninstall all of it and start again or do anyone know of a problem with Windows XP that just ain't gonna be fixed?
Just got digigr8 camera but cannot find any way of adjusting shutter speed and it seems to be on slowest setting , any help would be appreaciated.
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I am not sure about that but if you try pressing the MENU/ OK button and then using the left and right arrows to go through the various menus there may be something there. I will have a look when I have a moment and will reply again.
hi tmp
I have tried all the menu options but cannot find any reference to shutter speed, I have went into each option but to no avail , the box that it came in states that it is adjustable from 1/15 sec to 1/4000 sec but I cannot find any reference anywhere else.
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Hello. I have looked at my camera and gone through all the menu options but I can't find it either. It is not the exposure is it? Apart from that I don't know what to suggest. I am sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Thanks for trying , maybe someone has the answer ,I have contacted the manafacturer and hopefully they will have the answer
thanks again
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Okay. If you do find out please let me know. Thanks. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
ok. i got one second hand. after serching tonight and looking around. ishouldn't have got it. for 200 dollars(canadian)with 512mb memory card.

anyways. does anyone know how to get rid of the date and time from showing up. i went to like menu and press leftx3 but nothing happend at all. please help.

i own a digigr8
Hi,I recently bought one of these off ebay(uk)and it was very cheap but there was no manual.My problem is can anyone tell me how to get a picture on tv?using the av leads and also how to get the computer to recognise it as it doesn't want to know.If anybody can spare the time to email me a copy of the manual or knows of an online source then that would be great,thanks
ive also just bought a digigr8, I have been charging it all day through USB connection. The camera is boiling hot and the LCD screen only comes on for couple of seconds showing a no battery signal then goes off. Can anybody help, or tell me a cheap place to get new batteries?

To get it to show on a TV you have to make sure it's set to PAL. I'm sure one of the above posts tells you how to do that.

As far as charging it goes, as far as I am aware the camera requires a couple of AA Duracells. I don't recall it saying anywhere that it has a built in chargable battery. The USB is for computer data transfer only.
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