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Pokemon on PSP

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I have read this thread and it hasnt helped me :(

All I want to do is be able to play pokemon red/blue/emerald/gold/saphire on my psp.

Is there anyway I could do this without damaging my psp?

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yeah there is a way i ave it on mi psp. i have crystal version. go to and choose what you want in your brew pack. at the bottom make sure you make it a zipped archive. if you have a game folder rename it to game1. open up the psp brew pack from the desktop. open psp then you will see a game folder send that to the removeable disk. then put it in the psp folder. go to the game folder and copy the rin game boy emu to the removeable disk. then put it in the game1 folder. delete the game folder and rename the game1 folder to game. if it doesnt work the first time when you copy it do it again n it will work then. if you dont have a game folder out it right in. for the roms go to to get the pokemon games. this works for every thing on the sight even the snes n genesis. and nes put the roms in the rom folder. you will have to sugn upp at to get the roms.
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HI MY NAME IS NICK,IVE GOT A PSP RECENTLY AND I AM VERY INTERESTED IN PLAYING GAMES ON MY PSP FROM MY MEMORY STICK, I ALREADY SPENT LIKE 5 HOURS TRYING TO HACK MY PSP AND FINALLY I WAS SUCCESFUL. Now i have all the software to put the games on my psp, and it is really easy, i would love to put any pokemon game on my psp, i have evrything ready to do so, but the only thing im missing is the file itself, were can i get the pokemon game!!!!!!!!can u send it to me or give me a link to were i can download it plz,,,,,,,,,,i would really appreciate it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kind regards NICK
Daedalus if you go down to my second or 3rd post on the guide there are direct links for folders ready to drag and drop on the PSP. Jeck what version you have and download the correct one. Within those folders are all the GBA files you need.

As for the other two guys. Please do not post asking FOR roms or links TO roms. If there's any questions read the forum rules link inside my sig...

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