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GTA San Andreas problem with mouse

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whilst playing SA, the mouse doesn't work for neither the menu or gameplay (camera etc...), on the net, others have said to set the game to Win98 compatibility mode, but this doesn't work for me...
some-one help pls.... <!..!>

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RagePro Suspended account
does gta sa even wrk on win 98
well supposably yea, could someone pls help me, i really like this game.
RagePro Suspended account
well jus go to thier site n check system requirements
Got same prb and this aint no help.
Mouse works well with GTA menus.
It worked very well until this morning, but now - nothing has been changed or installed - mouse does not reply in game.

I checked settings several times. Confirmed "MOUSE+KEY" status and clicked "RESTORE TO DEFAULTS" many times....

Got 3.4Ghz P4 w/ HT, 2GB RAM DDR2, NVidia 6800 Ultra (256mb VRAM), Windows XP MCE 2005.

Even the Battle Field 2 (from EA and this monster requires much higher specs sure) works better than GTA san andreas.

Think this S/W has some bug with mouse.

Does anyone got prb like me?
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RagePro Suspended account
hey i think i noe the problem sometimes when u move ur mouse does it automatically go everywhere
no, on my game, when i use the mouse in the menu, it moves and highlights the options, but the mouse buttons don't do anything.
during gameplay, the mouse does absolutely nothing, i checked the specs for the game to run smoothly, i meet em' on my standard HP 724a:
2.4GHz P4, 80G HD, NVidia GeForce4 MX 420 64MB Vid mem, 512MB RAM.
what the f*ck, there aint no point for me trying to return/exchange it now cause its been taken off the shelves.
what to do, keep posting with solutions, i think this will help more people than just us...

"Its so hard to try to be different..."-Apocalypse Hoboken
RagePro Suspended account
u got a opticle mouse or ball
Optical, why <?>

"Its so hard to try to be different..."-Apocalypse Hoboken
check the game site for patches, updates & faq
i checked the site the other day.
zip, zilch nada zero.
if there are any programmers out there, could you release a mod of your own or patch (if it aint illegal), anyhow they stopped the game production etc, so why would they keep making mods for the people with the game already.
keep posting...

"Its so hard to try to be different..."-Apocalypse Hoboken
I have exactly the same problem. Mouse works in the menus but not the game (usually). The only solution I found is to keep pressing esc to the menu and again to resume the game. If I do this enough times (anything between 5-30 times) the mouse starts working in the game again. This is so frustrating, I have stopped playing it for now, even though it's a great game otherwise.

I've never had this prob in any other game, GTA3, Doom3, HL2 etc work fine.

P4 3.2GHz (Prescott)
1GB RAM (Dual Channel)
RADEON 9600 Pro 256Mb
MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 (Wireless Optical)
big89alex Suspended due non-functional email address
try contacting Rockstar games, try a trouble shooting page (they usually have one)
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