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My psp won't play movies

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Please could you help. I recieved my psp today and for one it's a 1.51 which has annoyed me and 2. For some reson it won't let me play movies. I've converted them to mp4 and transferred them using psp video 9 but it just says that there are no videos. Please could someone help me. I'm new to this and it's already getting on my t**s.

Many thanks in advance
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Moclcler Suspended account
What kind og movies did you download or did you use dvds?
#3 u even have the right folders that u need for the psp to read....? if not heres a link to where u can transfer movie to ur psp by ur self?
I did them as mp4 and now they just won't work. I've done everything that it has asked me and yet still nothing. I just don't understand.
Do you think i should start from the beginning again? Can you convert iso's or is it just AVI and all that stuff?

Many thanks

Moclcler Suspended account
You can do the other stuff just AVI files work best I think. You can either convert the iso file to AVI or mpeg4 if it will let you or you can download the avis through file sharing.
The only problem is that i got the mp4s through filesharing so would that make a difference as they were not made via psp video 9. Thats the only thing i can think of. I just wish i would have got a 1.5 version now. It drives me up the wall that i can't do all the things i want to.
michael_ Suspended due non-functional email address
Can't see why you have a problem with your video files - as long as they're in the right directory on your memory card, it's all gravy, surely? I've downloaded a few mp4 ready files - obviously not converting them through PSP Video 9 - and they seem to be fine.

Check where you're dragging the files to. Tell us, and we'll see what we can do to help :)

Spectacularly n00bish at everything
Right i'll go through it step by step because i'm obviously being a tw** somewhere along the ways. I place my mp4's into the file on my psp called 100MNV01 and that should be that right but when i access my psp it says that no video can be found. I've tried renaming the file and everything but can i get to work. Nooooooooooo!!!
johnodd4 Suspended account
because a lot of psp hackers are submitting bogus mp4s that when you convert them they malfunction and stop functioning

so you may want to buy the movie and convert it yourself
sappy2ya Suspended account
my psp wont play movies but i have the 2.00 firmware and when i put them on tehre months ago it worked but now it says psp cant play this
branle Suspended due non-functional email address
Read the article from the link below
to see how to get video files played on PSP
I have exactly the same problem. I didn't convert the files myself, I got them from and even though I've put the files in MP_ROOT\100MNV01 it still doesn't work. The instruction manual says that it's either renaming or moving the file with a PC that's doing it... but I didn't do either and it still doesn't work!! Aaargh!
were can i download psp movies

I have all consoles and Hand held consoles from 1988 to 2007.
You can download them from loads of places- just google "free psp movies" and there should be a load of sites.

Woohoo! I found the solution! You need to put the MP_ROOT folder *outside* the PSP folder! I was putting it inside it.... *wipes brow with relief*... Yess! Now I can watch videos :)
MR_Lobo Suspended due non-functional email address
dont download the movies just make the mp4 yourself download PSP VIDEO its frre and will do it for you.
when i access my PSP via my PC there is no file for videos so where the hell do i store them?

Store them in a folder OUTSIDE the PSP folder called MP_ROOT, in a subfolder called 100MNV01.
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