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Firmware upgrade for I/O Magic DVDRW USB 16X

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I have been thinking about upgrading the firmware for my I/O Magic external USB2.0 dvd burner and would appreciate if anyone who has already done it would help me decide what the appropriate firmware version is. My burner model no. is DVDRW 1016UI. On the box it says MagicSpin IDVD16DDBE. Current firmware version is A079. ID String: DVDRW USB 16X. I talked to two different techs from I/O Magic and they told me different things. THe first one told me to upgrade it to A089 using liveupdate. The second one gave me the download link for Firmware A187 from the btc website. I am guessing my burner is a rebadged btc burner.
Appreciate if any one can shed any light on this. Thankx.......dipanjan
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I have the same burner. Bought it about a month ago. I updated the firmware to A089 using Liveupdate and have not experienced any problems to date.
I have to make a correction. I updated to A188 not A089. A188 works well with my unit so I haven't gone to A089. I'd be interested in knowing how well A089 works if you upgrade.
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This is to jagfan. Where did you get the A188 update for your I/O burner? I tried the A089 and am having problems. Please let me know. Thanks
I also have a external USB2.0 DVD burner/reader. The problem I have is; it will play some movie disks and not others. I was watching "Band of Brothers" and all disks played except the last one. Never did get it to work. I have upgraded firmware to A089 from A079. That did not help. I've also taken the disks that would not play and put them in another DVD player and they'd work just fine. We've also rented DVDs and one will play but not the other. Very frustrating. Not sure where to go at this point. If any one has any ideas I'd really appreciate them. Thanks
The model I have is a MagicSpin DVDRW 1016UI
I updated to A188 on 14 July (same day I purchased unit)- using the LiveUpdate software that came in the package. The newer A089 came out a few days later - but I haven't updated to that. Not sure where you can get the A188 because LiveUpdate only updates you to the latest firmware (I think).
Check out the following information at Club CD Freaks:
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Thanks jagfan.
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