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How do I hook up comcast internet??

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Hello thanks for the help,I have comcast cable cost is about 67$ a month.I seen comcast has a deal with there internet 20$ a month for six months with a start up kit.

I want to know how it is hooked up so I dont look like a fool in front of these people.Is there a activation fee or service fee for hook up?

So I have the tv comcast box, I take it that a cable runs from there into another box then into my PC is that right? does it hook up by usb cable into my computer or what?

Also my tv box is on the first floor computer is on the third floor, Can i get a long anuf cable to hook it up? If so will longer cable slow down the speed? or do I need to get a wireless thing? I heard that wireless is unsafe.
I went to comcast website I coould not find much info.
Thanks again everyone
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If you are going to get your service from Comcast, call them, and ask them these same questions. Is there any reason that you don't want to do that?
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your have ONE line into the house from there they will hook the line into a splitter, one line will go to your cable box (as it is now) then they will run a second line (from the splitter) into a (Cable Modem)then from the cable modem you will have an Ethernet line that runs to the back of the pc (or router) if your using one then to the PC
and NO a longer run will not affect the speed of the cable.
it should all be a free hookup the modem may cost a small fee .you can call to asked them for sure on that one. hope this helps
hey, Thank you so much for the fast reply,
I really needed to know because my main line comes in to a spliter that has an amp on it to increase db. and one cable goes to a tv and the other cable goes to another spliter and so on.

So If I got this right, I just can add say a six foot piece of cable from my spliter to a (cable modem box)then run ethernet line into wireless router and so on. Thats unreal.

Thank you again you help.I hope I can return the fav. one day.

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yes thats how it works
no problem thats why were here iam very glad to help
good luck you will really like the cable connection
thats what i have and would NEVER give it up
AOL kept giving me free months so I never got around to switching.

COMCAST I called them twice and they got my account all messed up.

I told them I want to cancel on demand and go back to standard and I also told them I wanted High speed internet.They set up a time to come out.

I was thinking why do they need to come out, its supposed to be a self instalation kit, so I called them back.

They said they only have me set up to install my internet, And they told me to take my TV box back,when I take back my box will they give me my old box back so I can get standerd.

Also do I need this box for the internet to work?

I more question,

My cable comes in splits to a tv then goes to another spliter that connects to a tv box and so on, then I have a cable then runs up to the third
and floor

So can I hook my cable modem up on the third floor or do I have to many splitters and such, I dont want a router,

I read many forums were comcast people come out ,rush the job, and dont tell you anything.

So I want to have everything set up and ready to go .

Thank you so much this means alot to me I had dial-up forever.
Its time for a change
If your comp and TV is in the same room you don't really even need to pay for 2. I have my comp in my room so when I'm burning or something I just take the wire out and put it in my TV. Sure it's only basic but it's free. Just ask the guy that comes for a second wire because you thinking of moving the comp to the other side of the room.
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you should be ok to split it to the PC from your third floor you may need an amp. but comcast can test you line to make sure your getting enough signal.

iam sure comcast will do the job right i wouldnt worry about that at all ,just try to be there when they are doing the job and asked questions if needed
Comcast review

I was told he would show up 8-11

He ws there at 9 thats a +

I was told I could not hook to the spliter (Behind my TV) because the wire was to cheap
(thin wal-mart cable)and because I had an amp hooked in the line.

So he hooked a spliter up into my outside box and ran it up to my 3erd floor.nd drilled a hole for the cable to go into, Its not in the greatest spot.

He left the out side box open thats a -
6 months $120 thats a +
left a little mess (little pieces everywhere)
When he left he left me at the home screen but forgot to turn on the modem so tht took me 10 min to find the problem thats a -
High speeds +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I just wanted to come back and thank every one for you help and support, I know this thread will help people in the years to come.


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