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PXE-E61:Media test failure,check cable AND; PXE-mof: Exiting Intel PXE Rom.Invalid partition table.

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Hello to all. I hope everyone is doing great! I need help,My computer recently had a power surge, and in the result fried my Antec 550 Watt Power Supply, So I went to store and bought a new one, and the cable that goes to the mother board was too big so I called the Antec Co. who told me that I could remove a clip or section of the too large cable connector by pulling it apart, I did and he was right, and the connector fit right in the mother board slot. Now I have power to computer, but when I try to boot computer on the black screen it stops with this message: PXE-E61: Media test failure,check cable, THEN UNDER THAT IS THIS ONE: PXE-mof: Exiting Intel PXE ROM Invalid partition table_
I have checked the bios and everything seems fine. I have three hard drives in this computer. The mother board is an ABIT TH711. I have checked all the cables and everything seems to be tight fit. I removed the hard drive "120 gig" that has the os on it"winx xp pro" and put it in an enclosure, then by usb cable looked at it throught my lap top and it appears to be working fine. So I am at a lost. I built this computer and have helped so many others with their computer problems now I can't seem to help myself! LOL... Does anyone have an answer to this problem?
Respectfully Submitted,
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check this link out it seems you need to clear your cmos, oddly enough this error is due to electrical surges!

also check your motherboard to see if there is a square 4pin connector to take the 1 off the big connector.
Hey techguy26 and ddp, I thank you for your reply. First to ddp, I did call the manufacture and they told me to pull off the 4 pin connector off of the large connector, which that allowed me to be able to use the new power supply. And thanks for letting me know that.
Now to techguy26, to clear the cmos, do I do that by removing the battery in the motherboard for a few minutes? then replacing it and then try rebooting? And if I remove the battery on the motherboard, will the xp pro os on the hard drive identify everything that is in computer? And or, am I going to have to do anything to the bios,cmos settings? Sorry for the ignorant questions. But I am learning and I will help others :-)
removing the battery or using the cmos jumper on the motherboard resets the cmos to default settings. does not affect windows unless you had things like serial ports & such disabled in the bios that are now enabled since clearing the bios
Thanks ddp. I tell you it sure feels great to get some help after so many hours of me beating my head up against a wall on this! I will put the hard drive back in that I removed to test and hook it back up as it was and then pull out the battery to reset cmos. Then I will see what happens. Also I found this stupid program on line that was for like 76 bucks that said it would scan and repair the problem! LOL... yeah yeah, well I fell for it and in the process this guy told me I needed to go in to bios and change the sequense to make my floppy drive the primary and now I guess I need to change the roll of which one boots first? I have one cd burner, one floppy, one dvd player that is not being used, and three hard drives. By the way, I was able to get a refund on that program! I wish I knew about this site a long time ago let me tell you, and I will tell my good friends about this site and how helpful you all were to me. Thanks again!
Ok I am back again! LOL... Ok got a question, how long should I leave the battery out to clear the CMOS?
usually 15 minutes will do, sometimes longer, there should also be a jumper on your motherboard which will let you do the same, the way to do it should be posted on your motherboard makers website.

Ok thanks man, so I will take a look at ABIT's web site and look there for how long to leave out the battery. Now after I put the batter back can I go ahead and try to boot the computer or do I have to first go to bios and re-enter the cpu speed, the clock, and boot sequence? Or is it safe to go ahead and see if the computer will boot? I need some help here this is my first rodeo on this portion. Once I do it I will never forget how to do this but I do need some guidence.
the bios will load defaults compatible with your hardware, so it will be safe to try and boot it fine, if it works you can later restart and manually enter bios and set your own specific settings.

if the power chord is disconnected from the computer than battery can be put back in after a minute or 2.
Ok I reset the CMOS and now I have the same exact message! So that did not help bro... Have you got any more ideas??? Also before it says the message: PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
PXE-mof Exiting Intel PXE Rom. Invalid partition table, above all of that it is now saying this too: CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please recheck-cpu Soft MENU
Then below all of this it says: Press F1 to continue,DEL,to enter SETUP.
press del to go into the bios to reconfigure the bios. also check the battery voltage as you might have a weak or dead battery that is causing the problem
No Kidding? Wow man I was wondering that too! I was wondering if it is possible if the power surge could of damaged the battery? Ok I am gonna go get a new battery, and I have never done that before in my life. LOL... So I have to ask, do I have to go to a computer store to buy one of those batteries or do you think I can get one anywhere? I mean is it a special battery or is it the same as like a camera battery? And what do I do with the settings in the bios? Is there anyway you can walk me through how to do the settings in the bios? I found my CD that came with my ABIT motherboard and it has an owners manual in adobe acrabat and I saved it to my lap top, so I could email that to you so you could see what I am dealing with if that is not stupid to do?
I really appricate you for all of your help and time in helping me fight this rascal.
the battery is a silver disk shape probably a cr2032 battery. check computer stores, hardware stores, electronics stores like best buy. i found at canadian tire, they sell 2 cr2032 batteries in a package for about $7.50Can made by duracell & marked medical. if have or know somebody that has a multimeter than use that to check the voltage which should be above 3volts
Well well well, I am still fighting this computer. I went to Fry's today and bought me a new motherboard battery, I got it in, and I still have the exact same message. While I was at Fry's today this guy told me that I should use the jumper as you also reccomended, but he told me the way I am suppose to clear cmos with the jumper is to move the cmos jumper over, and then boot the computer which will give me a black screen, then turn off the computer and move the jumper back. Is this the correct method of clearing the cmos? I have the jumper moved now and am waiting on your reply before I do anything else. If I am suppose to go ahead and turn on the computer with the cmos jumper moved, to get the black screen, then shut off, and move the jumper back, then what is my next step? By the way I also bought new ide and floppy cables today and I have replaced the ribbon cable with new round cables. Also that guy told me that it is possible that the power surge might have messed up the board in the hard drive which the os is on, so I checked that too, I took the master ide cable off that drive, and put it on another hard drive, as I have 3 hard drives in this case, and switched the jumpers on the drives booted the computer and have the same exact message! LOL... So I have put the hard drives back as they were. Please advise. Thanks for all your help, I sure need it. I feel like an idiot. That guy also told me he happens to have the same exact motherboard that I have, " ABIT TH7II RAID, and he told me that he also has 512 MB of RAMBUS RAM, which is what this board takes. He wants $120.00 for the board and the RAM. So I still want to make sure my board is no good before I go and do that. What is confusing me, is I have read several of these threads as well as other sites, and I have seen many folks state that they have built brand new computers and got this same message! That is what is freaking me out because I never got this message until after I had a power surge.
do not try to powerup the computer when the cmos jumper is in clear mode as it can cause problem. make certain powercord is disconnected from computer before trying to clear cmos as some psu's are not actually off when windows shuts down. the motherboard manual should have that info in it. the bios it self might be screwed up but possible to reflash it to fix the program. goto the abit site to download all the bios versions for your board to reflash from the beginning til the latest 1 to see if resolves the problem. what cpu do you have as might be better to get new board & ram than to get the other 1?
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That is why I waited to ask you before I went any further! Something told me that what that guy just did not seem right, because you and the other guy on here helping me never mentioned to me to boot my computer to clear the cmos! Man oh man am I glad I waited. I hope that guy is not trying to get me to screw my computer up for sure just so I can buy his stuff. That is not cool at all.... I don't know or understand how to download the new bios versions and then get them on my computer when I can't even boot it in to windows! hehehehe I am trying so hard to learn this. Ok what I have is is 768 MB of Rambus Ram, and an Intel Pentium 4. 2 Gig Processor. I have three hard drives and the one with the OS "WinXP Pro" is a 120 gig hard drive, and then I got an 80 Gig and then a 40 gig. I have a Plextor 52-24-52 CD-R/RW, and a DVD Player that I don't have connected... The power supply I got to replace the one that was burnt up from the power surge is an Antec 500 watt SmartPower 2.0, and that is about it...
have you tried just having one hard drive hooked up through the first ide channel, and then boot up with the windows disk in your cd drive. if this works you can try to repair windows. or possibly install a fresh copy on a blank hard drive. just shooting out suggestions.

the actual prob is no o/s and the darn computer is searching for it
try pressing f11 on bootup to select which h/d to boot from :)
the other question is .... does the harddrive still actually work ?
i'm in england and just lately i've had two jobs where the harddrive has been damaged due to power spikes . anti-surge sockets are a must on any new systems they seem very weak

i7 3770 12GB ram terrabyte sata drive 1 750Gb sata drive 285GTX graphics Sony dvdwriter same NZXT Nemesis case
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sorry fast reading if you can see the data on the drive in another computer then it's probably ok
just need the o/s to be found
could be if you are selecting the right drive the boot sector has been corrupted you can use your xp disc to fix it by using the repair facility and either fixboot or chkdsk /r
chkdsk /r takes a lot longer
and i just found out how to edit :) thanks :)

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i7 3770 12GB ram terrabyte sata drive 1 750Gb sata drive 285GTX graphics Sony dvdwriter same NZXT Nemesis case
Still playing Black Hawk Down why did I upgrade?
am I getting deja vu?

Wow I am flattered for all of the replies! This is truly awesome.. . Thanks everyone for your time and effort in helping this Texan.... I have cleared removed the battery on board, bought a new one put it in, and now have reset cmos from the jumper, with the computer off and unplugged. Ater I did that last night I had to walk away from my computer problem and hit the sack or no telling where I might of thrown my crippled computer! :-) So now I am back at it men, it is a new day, and I pray that I have my crippled computer back up and running today! I did try to insert my os winxp pro, and boot from it, and it found all devices, then it said wait while it is doing something and it just froze like that, for like 30 minutes! LOL..... So I was like nah this is not right... So I guess I will dissconnect all hard drives but the one and try to reinstall os on it! :-( I hate to do that becaues I had so much on it but such is life.... And do not even tell me I should of had everything backed up! hehehehehe I know...... waaaaaaaaa
don't put the one in there with all your stuff on it use the 80 or 40 the when you get it running put the 120 in as slave and migrate all your files onto it.

Oh ok thanks man... I will do that now, but listen, I have a question actually two, first do you have msn messenger where we might could chat? Mine is:
and the second question is, now that I have reset the cmos from the jumper, what do I do now? I mean should I try to boot the computer and if I do and get hit F1 or Del, which do I do? Or should I not try to boot now just go ahead and dissconnet all drives except one of the ones as you mentioned that do not have the os installed on them and install windows xp pro on it? I am ready to do this now and am waiting on your reply. Thanks again... TxMason
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