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burn pal region 2 dvd to ntsc region 1 dvd

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I have a dvd in PAL region 2 format which I bought in Europe
I live in a region that uses NTSC region 1 (the same as USA)
I have searched and searched for a way to burn the original DVD to a DVD-R with option to change the format and region to NTSC region 1
I have been reading and reading without any luck. Is there anyone who knows how to do this or can tell me if it is even possible
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You can convert it to NTSC using several programs. Read this thread.


I am going to try one of these programs as suggested, but I don't thin it will fix my problem. You see there are really two problems here the format of the DVD and the region coding. When I'm finished converting the PAL to NTSC, I still have to convert the region coding from 2 to 1 and I still haven't figured that out as yet. Any more suggestions
I just tried using the Div X to DVD converter and selected the NTSC option. But it didn't work, kept getting an error and nothing happens
If you have the original PAL dvd, rip it to your HD which will remove the encryption and region code. Then try to open those files with one of the conversion programs. Nero Vision Express is another one to try. It will take some time to convert.


Can I use DVD Decrypter to rip the original PAL DVD to my HDD as you suggested? And if so are there any special options I should select? I recall many threads about using the Region Patch option to change the Region of the already ripped files, can I do this?
In fact this is what I did:
I used DVD Decrypter to rip the original PAL DVD to my hard drive
I used the File Mode
I selected all options under Settings>File Mode (i.e. Ignore Unreferenced VTS Sets; Remove: IFO Structure Protection, IFO RC Protection, IFO RCE Protection, IFO PUOs, VOB PUOs, Patch M2V Timecode)

When the files where finished ripping
I used the Tools>IFO>Region Information tool to check for the Region of the ripped files and it said:

IFO is Region: 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8
RCE PRotection: No

But just to be on the safe side, I used the Tools>IFO>Region Patch option to change the Region from Region-free to Region 1. Beacause I heard that some DVD players don't recognize region-free dvds. Any, when I selected Region 1, I was prompted to select where the .IFO and .BUP files were. So I selected the folder where I ripped the files to and patched each file (why aren't the .VOB files patched?)

I used the Tools>IFO>Region Information to double check that each files was patched to Region 1 and they were

So now I have the folder with the ripped and patched files.
Is it safe to say that these files are now not encrypted with PAL format? and if this is so, then what format are they in? How then when I am burning to a DVD-R do I specify that it should be done in NTSC format? What other conversion programs besides Nero Vision Express can be used?
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I just copied "the downfall" for my parents....they had bought the pal region 2 copy of this movie.....I used dvd decrypter to rip it into iso on hard drive then burn it on DL with dvd great on my 30 buck stand alone dvd player pal ntsc problem ....
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Didn't realize you could burn with DVD Decrypter. So I checked it right away and I can't figure out how to change the Source drive. I can change the Destination, but it seems the Source is stuck on your default DVD drive. Could you explain how you were able to burn the ripped files from your hard drive to a blank DVD? By the way, I did get the whole thing to work using DVD Decrypter to rip the files to my hard drive. The ripped files are region free. Then I followed some instructions I found on another website ( on how to patch the PAL to NTSC by changing the files to trick the DVD player. Then I burned the files using Nero. It almost worked 100%, but some of the menu functions don't work and the frame speed is off
I just followed the instuctions for burning a normal dvd with DVD Decrypter......Didn't do anything to the file other than made it egion free .....I do have my burner (liteon sohw-1633s with bs41)set up to book the dvd as a dvd-rom instead of a DVD+R or DVD+R DL....using the liteon utility
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