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my new pc monitor only works in safe mode? HELP

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hello im hoping someone out there can help me get things worked out with my new monitor.i replaced my old emachines screen with an hp pavillion v50 and for some reason the screan works fine on startup but after you see the windows screen itll shut itself off im not sure what to do about that.

i can start the computer up in safemode and the screen works perfectly the entire time,but when i start it in normal mode it will shut itself off after the windows screen????
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Your monitor is out of sync range so it shuts off so no damage will occur. When you boot up instead of using SafeMode (if WinXP) choose VGA mode and reset the display settings. If using Win9x then in SafeMode uninstall your video card driver from Device Manager and I think it should reset it. When upgrading a monitor this shouldn't happen as the new one should be better then the old one but maybe the new one isn't as good.
Destra, why uninstall the video card? why not set colors to 256 & resolution to 640x480 in safemode so can load in normal mode than change colors & resolution.
if i uninstall the video card for my old monitor and restart my computer with the new screen attatched it will work in normal mode but when my desktop loads up my computer automatically reads my old screen again and loads all the old drivers back from my matrix screen then the next time i shut it off i have to go back to safe mode and delete the old graphics again and restart in order to use my hpv50. even in normal vga mode it reads default and i cannot install the monitor or change the display settings its stuck on 640x.....

im using my new screen right now but that is because i started up in safe mode deleted my old screen and restarted it,but like i said once i restart again i have to go back to safemode and delete my old screen again or the hp will shut off when windows loads this thing is beyond me i dont know if the old screen is shot or not but the screen just shakes/shakes till i get a headache i wish i could get things straighened out with this hpv50 so i dont have to have everything on my screen so
in safemode, uninstall the monitor(s) in device manager. also check in add/remove programs in have the driver loaded for old monitor.
i have did everything that ive been told to do, i finally got my hp monitor to come on everytime i start the computer i enabled vga mode at startup but i cannot adjust my color/resolution at all because the drive isnt reading my new monitor it just shows it as default monitor i wish i could fix all of this so i can open programs that i currently cannot due because some programs require a certain resolution......
there is no driver for your monitor in xp according to this link as only win95 & 98 so windows loads its own driver. what does it show in device manager for monitors?
it only shows my old screen
uninstall the emachine monitor & all monitors in device manager than restart windows
i do not see anywhere to uninstall my emachines monitor, under device manager the only thing installed is something called intell extreme graphics thats a program for my emachines monitor i believe i uninstall that restart windows and it automatically installs itself back even though the hp pavillion is attatched
that intel extreme graphics is your video cardnot monitor. in add/remove programs, is there a driver for your old emachine monitor?? look in the device manager for monitors not video display adapters, uninstall all the monitors than restart windows. what is the current settings for colors & resolution??
first thing you need to do is check to see that the video card is installed in device manager sounds like a bad driver to me if it is installed remove it and reset it in the pci express or agp socket they will work their way out with heat dont worry about the monitor just yet safe mode doesnt load drivers thats why it is working in safe mode it loads vga drivers not the drivers for your card ATI MSI NVIDIA ECT.........
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