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SONY DCR-DVD101 usb driver

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Hello all, thanks in advance for trying to help...
I have this Sony handycam and is been a headache. I got it from ebay and didn't come with its software package. I'm missing the CD from the original package. I think the software is Pixela/imageMixer(not sure). I can't connect to my computer to transfer all the videos and pictures. My computer recognize the DVD handycam, but it doesn't do anything else(only eject). I need the USB driver software. Please help... or any advice...
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To copy the movies straight from handycam to pc you will need the USB drivers and the Pixila Image mixer software which comes on the CD, USB drivers alone is not enough. Or if you finialize the DVD in the camera and put it into your PC DVD drive & copy it onto your PC, then convert the VOB files back to mpegs for editing.

is the url for the software, I have it but don't like using it for movie editing. There is better software out there.

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