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how do i burn my gamecube iso

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can some one tell me how do i burn my iso i have on my hard drive it says it is a iso but DVD Decrypter will not burn it so can some on tell me thanks

resident evil
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I have a similar question so I'll add to this thread. I searched the forums (unlike the previous poster :) ) and it seems like you should be able to just burn the .iso or .gcm images to a regular mini DVD-R with Nero. Whenever I do this the burn fails right at the end. Do I have to run FSTFIX on all the images? From what I read it seems like i would only need to do that if the image size is not exactly 1,459,978,240 bytes. I checked and the DVD-R is about 3MB bigger than the image I'm burning. Any suggestions?

BTW I have a pioneer DVR-109BK with 1.57 firmware and am using MEMOREX 4X mini DVD-R media.
sj512 as torra mentioned ^^ use nero to burn the iso make sure if the extension is .gcm to rename it to .iso... for example if u have a file named pingpong.gcm rename it to pingpong.iso or else u will get the error msg
torra you are correct on the image size 1,459,978,240 i have no clue what is causing it to mess up the burn. have u tried a different iso and/or different media? i would try those things first also did your burning app give a msg about why it failed?
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madpappi, i tried it with 3 different isos and they all failed. I also tried burning with RecordNow Max. I tried testing first then burning if the test succeeded. The test was successful but the real burning failed at the end. The errors messages aren't very helpful. Just that it failed and at what sector, very close to the end, sector 705808 i think. The only other media I have available is Fujufilm, but i wanted to try the MEMOREX since that seemed more reliable (more expensive too). I guess i'll give the fujifilm a shot. Any idea if i'm supposed to run fstfix on images with the proper size?
sj512 Suspended due non-functional email address
can some make a video on how to back up your gamecude games with nero
ps how do you burn a iso with nero
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resident evil
Try putting some dummy files with the .iso game that you wanna burn since the DVD size is much larger than the usual mini dvd's.
To burn .iso with Nero, go to Recorder -> Burn Image... and make sure you finalize the burn. Hope that helps. :)
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Oops..double post..:P
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I ended up using the latest version of cloneCD ver. and that burned fine. I won't be sure if the backups work until I install the modchip but at least the burning isn't failing anymore.
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i'll make a video for you, soon.
I've installed the above version of CloneCD and am getting a string of error messages for various sectors on the disc. "Failed to read Sector xxxx" where xxxx is a sector. Do I need a full version of CloneCD to have this work or the trial version is fine? as for a burner, I have a BenQ DVD+/- RW DW822A running on the B3BC firmware version. (There is an update for this but I haven't used it yet). Any ideas on where I'm going wrong/missing?
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If youré gamecube doesn't boot youré DVD, the problem is that youré gamecube laser has to be tweaked. if you do it right youré cube can read
every dvd.
this you can do it youré self
in order to do this see

just be carefull and read carfully, you wil only need a multimeter and take some time.
Your image might be corrupt, not sure what else it might be. Do you have another you could try it with. Make sure that

1. the image is EXACTLY 1,459,978,240 bytes. right-click on the file -> properties will tell you how big the file is. If the file is not that size you need to run FSTFIX on it.

2. make sure the file is not corrupt. to do this you can open it with Nero. if Nero doesn't give you any errors then the image is probably good.

3. burn at 1x speed. not sure what other limitations the trial version of clonecd has but i think they at least let you burn at 1x.

Other than that you can keep trying different games with different software. i tried Nero, recordnow max and clonecd. only clonecd worked for me. if you don't want to waste dvd's select the option to test before burning although for me sometimes the test was successful while the actual burning failed. good luck.
this is the thing: I'm still trying to make an image file lol. I'm not at the step yet of burning an image file :p. Once that impass has been passed then I'll be able to follow the directions of subsequent steps everyone has posted here.

sj512 Suspended due non-functional email address
no one made a video yet

resident evil
alright after 3.5 hours of copying the image file from the GCN original disc (through CloneCD), the filesize is correct as per torra's figures. I'm running it on Dolphin (GCN emulator) and it has a little window that says Booting... it appears to be eating up resources but nothing's happening in the mean-while. Do I have to wait a while before it finishes or is there something wrong? I still have to find a trial version/cracked version of Nero to verify the copy was successful.Specs on my computer:

P4 1.4GHz centrino processor
768MB 333 DDR RAM
30GB drive, win xp pro

Will DVD Decrypter work with Gamecube ISOs?

Just rename "gcbackup.gcm" to "gcbackup.iso", and burn. Can I use DVD Decrypter for the burning process, or must I use Clone CD or Nero?

my bad

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alright how about you form some coherent, distinct sentences once more and then try again. Running sentences don't work very well and explain more carefully what hardware you're using.

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??? DVD Decrypter wont detect the disk
you cannot do a direct copy of a Gamecube disc with your PC, you need to stream it to your pc from your gamecube, if you look around we have discussed this lately, and linfox, poohead, and myself have made guides on modchips and ripping processes
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