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DVD Fab Decrypter Tutorial needed

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I down loaded DVD FAB Decrypter and used it to upload XX 2 and House of Flying Daggers because of the Sony Arcross and now what? I have DVD Decrypter and DVd Shrink, BOTH programs don't reconise the file, I can't open it. What a I doing wrong?
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I have been using dvd fab decrypter since it first came out along with Recode 2 from Nero. It looks a lot like shrink and works alot like shrink but it has no problems recognizing the files from dvd fab decrypter like shrink does some times. You can probably go to downloads right here at afterdawn and down load the latest trial version of of Nero. its under Nero digital and and once you get to the recode 2 menu options you want the option of either recode the entire dvd to dvd or recode main movie to dvd. Hope this helps and good luck.
i found that prog horrible stick with DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink,also tourrets is one of my favorite syndromes
Open the DVDFab files with DVD Shrink. Garygnu maybe you should give it another try. I think it is just as good as DVD Decryptor for the Sony protection and 10 times better than DVD Decryptor or DVD Shrink for reading very worn media. It may not be the fastest but the end result is very good.
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I agree, some bad disc are very easy to copy with dvd fab, I copy a few dvd that could not work with shrink or Decrypter
hello friends I am new in this forum but they know ingles I am not aca because I have problems with virtual dub - fab decripter- moviejack wanted to know of a good tutorial of all of them excuse the annoyances is for learning but about rippear dvd to record but of VCD in dvd and other things that or will comment thanks to them for the aid since me to interested much this of the multimedia and forms to record peliculas videos and but in CD or dvd ojala and puedad to help diciendome I can find good tutorials me about these programs ojala asi it is a greeting or it will comment to them that me sucedio when trying to use them thanks
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