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"DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Programming error - exception occurred" while encoding Six Feet Under Season 1 Disk 3

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basically i'm getting this error while encoding Six Feet Under Season 1 Disk 3 with DVD Shrink.

i can rip to my hard drive fine, but the error comes up during the encoding process usually around 100%.

i've tried ripping to my hard drive with DVDDecrypter then compressing with DVDShrink. no go. i've also tried encoding directly off the original DVD into an ISO on my hard drive using DVDShrink and DVD43. no go. i even tried removing the protection from the ripped files on my hard drive with FreeDVD. no go.

i'm trying DVDFab Decrypter right now. if that doesn't work, i'll try AnyDVD next. either way, i'll report back.

EDIT: DVDFab Decrypter didn't work either. trying AnyDVD now...

EDIT: AnyDVD didn't work. help!!

this problem is also talked about in more detail here:

here are the actual errors:

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The problem you posted about is explained more here

Try using Decrypter and ripping in file mode, or as you said use Shrink with AnyDVD running in the background.

i did rip in 'File' mode with DVDDecrypter. i also tried DVDShrink with AnyDVD running in the background. same error.
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Try defraging your hard drive, and do a spyware/virus scan. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive, and that you have unecessary programs shutdown in the background.

Did you have "AnyDVD" running in the background when you used DVD Decrypter? If so, don't.

Also reset DVD Decrypter's settings back to its default settings. -

After you have done both things above, rip it again using DVD Decrypter to "rip" the DVD to your hard drive in "File" mode - and from the "Edit" dropdown menu, select "All files" (NOT "movie files").

Then use DVD Shrink to "Open files" (NOT "Open Disk") - and select "VIDEO_TS.IFO" or the actual "VIDEO_TS" folder.

A good tutorial on how to accomplish this is located here:

Make sure you have the latest version of DVD Decrypter.

The latest Version is Currently: Version

Download DVD Decrypter version here:
i have backed up many DVDs in the past using DVDDecrypter to rip, DVDShrink to compress, and DVDDecrypter again to burn to a blank DVD. i am very familiar with the backup process. however, for some reason this Six Feet Under Season 1 Disk 3 is giving me these problems i can't get around.

this particular disk seems to be trouble for a lot of people and i can't find a fix. i even tried my friend's disk thinking mine was bad but got the same error.

i had AnyDVD running in the background when i encoded straight off the original DVD using DVDShrink. same error. i also tried AnyDVD with DVDDecrypter and yes i know that obviously didn't work but i wanted to try it anyway. i always use DVDDecrypter's and DVDShrink's default settings. i always rip "All files" in "File" mode with DVDDecrypter. and yes, with DVDShrink i "Open Files" if the rip is already on my hard drive and "Open Disk" if i'm encoding straight off the original DVD.

i have a good 50GB of available space on my hard drive. i will try defragging but i doubt that will do anything considering how common this error is for this disk.

any other info would be greatly appreciated!
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Since you have tried any number and combination of programs, and keep getting the error, you may just have a bad disk. Try taking it back and getting another original, it may work.

i don't think it's a bad disk because i tried my friend's Six Feet Under Season 1 Disk 3 and had the same exact problem...
Sometimes you have to keep obtaining a different disc until it works. I know of people who have tried 5 different disc until they finally got one to work.
pureapple did you ever get this DVD to back up?
Finally found another solution. I downloaded a trial copy of AnyDVD and opened it and just let it sit in the background. I then fired up DVDShrink and let it do its thing as usual. No problems with the analysing and encoding. I then just used Nero the normal way and it burned just like any other DVD - no problems whatsoever and full functionality, menus, etc. Hope it works for everyone else. Please post your results.
Just posted this on the other thread about Six Feet Under S1 Disc 3 and figured I'd post here as well...

After two days of the same problems everyone else is having with the Six Feet Under Season 1 Disc 3 disc, I finally made a copy with menus and everything...

So, this is what you need to do.... use DVD Shrink 3.17.... it's that simple.... uninstall Shrink 3.2, make sure there are no left over registry keys just to be safe and install 3.17... I can't find the site I found 3.17 for download.... but I just found it here...

I tried DVD Shrink 3.2, Nero Recode 2, using DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to my hard drive, using DVD43, using AnyDVD..... and every combination of those programs.... and everytime, DVD Shrink or Recode would crash at the very end of encoding.

So yeah, as to my exact steps towards making my copy that works....

1. I had DVD43 running in the background.
2. Used DVD Shrink 3.17 by clicking "open disc" and just going from there... did deep analysis and all that.
3. Burned with DVD Decrypter.

Just checked and the disc plays fine in two home DVD players.... but I haven't watched the whole thing all the way through yet, but seems like everything works fine.

Hope this helps everyone...
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