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Has anyone had any experience with these discs? They feature two versions of each release: the Mono from the UK Box Set, and the Stereo is MFSL. I've heard a few, and am interested in other titles. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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This is the info from the original ad:

The Millennium Remasters Collection - 17 CD Set
Audiophile Archival Recordings

This is a 17-CD collection of 13 Beatles albums (Stereo/Mono) with 24-bit remastering. The Beatles Collection is an audiophile, archival quality set of LP transfers. These are the best-sounding Beatles recordings on CD available!

Collector's Item. This 17-CDs set is released in Europe by RMG Records as a limited edition. The catalogue numbers are RMG 100-112.

These CDs are original, factory-pressed and sealed. These are not CD-Rs!

Millennium Remasters is an ongoing project dedicated to transferring rare, audiophile, mono and stereo, LP's to the CD format. Most sources are audiophile quality, unplayed LP's to insure the cleanest possible end result.

During the LP transfers, each recording was hand de-clicked (if and when necessary) as opposed to any overall sound reprocessing which generally leaves tell tale signs in the recording. The turntable used was a LINN SONDEK LP 12 with a MICRO BENZ cartridge and a LINN LK phono preamp.

PLEASE PLEASE ME mono/stereo
WITH THE BEATLES mono/stereo
A HARD DAYS NIGHT mono/stereo
BEATLES FOR SALE mono/ stereo
HELP! mono/stereo
RUBBER SOUL mono/stereo
REVOLVER mono/stereo
SGT. PEPPER mono/ stereo-from the famous Mobile UHQR
THE BEATLES (WHITE) 4 CDs mono/stereo
YELLOW SUBMARINE 2 CDs mono/stereo
LET IT BE stereo

"The mono source is the early 80s UK MONO BOX SET, and the stereo source is the MOBILE FIDELITY BOX SET, except for the one UHQR disc as noted. All LPs were sealed.

"Each CD comes in a jewel case with the original UK mono cover, and the MFSL cover on the fold. each back has the original LP artwork with the CD having the proper Parlophone/Apple label.

"The new transfers have greater headroom with a fuller soundstage. There is more definition in the
instruments and greater clarity in the vocals. In general, the recordings are cleaner and more open
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