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MPEG 2 import problem/error message

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I tried to convert 4 .avi files with subtitles into .vob files with the latest pay version of DivxtoDVD and everything seemed to be ok till the end when it just finished without a prompt to let me know. I figured something was wrong with the .vob files so I dragged them over to virtual dub to check and sure enough I get this error message:

MPEG Import Filter:invalid pack at position 3: marker bit not set;possibly MPEG 2 stream

what does this mean? How can I possibly fix this problem?

thanks so much
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also, when i play the .AVI in VirtualDub, the first frame has this messgae on the screen that says:

Warning: nothing to output
Bframe decoder lag
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I had the same problem, and after much searching, I came across this post in another forum:

VirtualDub doesn't support MPEG-2 videos. For VirtualDub with MPEG-2 support, downloand the program at this site:

Hope this works for you!

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