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Here is what customer service at Emerson sent:

4x can be used
8x or higher will result in a disc error.

2x can be used
4x or higher will result in a disc error.

The following discs have been tested and are proven to be compatible with our DVD recorders.


The following are brands of discs we DO NOT recommend:


I have 2 questions:
1. Does anyone agree or disagree with the compatible and not recommended list, and are both consistant with each other?

2. Do one or both lists change or stay the same after the firmware upgrade is finished, and does this upgrade only apply to -R and not to -RW?

Thanks - ROB.
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I agree with all except the memorex. Memorex DVD's stink. Forget them. Also, (as is stated in an earlier post) Verbatim, Maxell, Spin-x, TDK, and Khypermedia DVD-R x4 also work well in this recorder.

I've tried them and they work great.

As for the not recommended I agree with all.

After the upgrade, yes stay away from Memorex. TDK DVD-RW x4 as well as all DVD-R RW x4 will not work in this recorder after the upgrade. Only DVD-R RW x2 will work. Use the Maxell brand. They work great. They can be found at Walmart and Office Depot. TDK DVD-RW x2 can be found at Circuit City and I have been told that they work fine.

So yes it upgrades the -R to x 8 and the RW's remain at x2.

Hello Greg thanks for your reply.

So eliminate all Memorex DVDs and the following are also not recommended (either before or after the upgrade):


Thanks for the other brands I'll check them out. Any reason why the upgrade doesnt have any affect on the x on the -RWs? You must have spent much time and money buying, returning, ruining numberous DVDs!

Thanks again - ROB.

TDK DVD-R x4 work in this unit as I stated above.

Second, never once did I buy a brick of x8 media, so I never returned any discs to the store. I did my research on this unit first. I called Funai and asked questions at the store, so I knew that only 4x discs worked and when I called Funai they told me stay away from Memorex.

I also read the posts on this website that stated memorex discs were giving many people a hard time.

The only discs that I ruined were test discs when I first got the unit. These were cheap Comp Usa Princo discs so It was no big deal.

As for why the upgrade only works for the -R's and not the RW's...

That is a good question. I'd only be spectulating, but its problably because this drive can only handle x2 RW discs, but it can handle up to x8 -R's.
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News Just in...

It appears that there is now an EWR10D5 and EWR20V5.

These appear to already have the firmware upgrade to x8 DVD-R and these units will also be able to use RW's that are 1x-4x.

Price for the 10D5 is $200 and the 20v5 is $300.

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I am new to this. but could someone tell me where i can get this upgrade for EWR10D4 ?
Hello jntw,

Please be aware that a free software upgrade is now available to customers. This upgrade will enable your unit to recognize the (DVD-R 8x) discs. To obtain a copy, please call 1-800-242-7158. Customer service by phone is available 7 days a week 6:00am to 9:00pm pacific time.

However, Im not sure if this applies to all models so you'll have to tell them what model you have.

jntw Suspended due non-functional email address
Rob1961 Thank You for the info. I'm a person that can use all the help I can get. Kind of computer illiterate
I just bought the EMERSON ewr20v5 recorder dual deck for 200 or i traded it from just a dvd recorder the pioneer that needs the rca cables too watch tv, so it would record tv but you couldnt watch tv at the same time well.

Just so all you know i was reading this post about the 04 model of emerson and didnt like I could'nt record on 8x disk since I just bought a 25 spindle.I am going too test this one tonight and get back on here and tell you how well the 05 works unless someone beats me.

Right now I am watching macgyver 2nd season.
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It is too live life too the fullest then never lived at all.
Been playing with this dual deck the o5 model works almost like I wanted but for when I record from a tape too a dvd I have too record in 1 session and cant pause the recording so if I have like a show with commercials so it sucks But I have found out that if you record on a rw disk you can cut an paste the show in different orders.

So I think i might switch too dvd-rw disks.

And so far only had one mess up from recording a movie from tape too dvd -r this occured last night then tried again with a different dvd and worked great.

The only other thing is the menu doesnt give you a regular dvd menu with animated frames but a list of whats on the dvd and I recorded a store bought vhs and no problem with recording the only thing is it has this option too see the remaining record time and it make the audio go out of sync but if you turn this off its back in sync
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It is too live life too the fullest then never lived at all.
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