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How To Get Bitlord Speeds faster Without Router?

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Alright i have Bitlord and SBC Yahoo DSL. I dont have a router. Right now my speeds are around 10kbs. How can i make my speeds faster? Please help ive been trying to find out for 3 days now
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1) Please visit and pick the city closest to yours and post your max upload speed and downlaod speed.

2) Do you have a firewall installed? For example McAfee, Zone Alarm, Windows firewall, Norton, etc..?

ok here are my totals

DL Speed - 772 kpbs
Upload - 132 kpbs

I do have the Windows XP and Norton Anti virus Firewalls. Thanks for the help LMK
First off set your upload speed to 13 KB/s, no higher, no lower.

Next open up windows firewall and go to the exceptions tab and then Add Port. Add whatever your listening port is in your client (make sure it is not 6881-6889).

Im still getting mid teens for kbs anything else i can do?
Heres the test, find the torrent with the MOST seeds and least leechers you can find. Let it run for 20 minutes and post the speeds you are getting.

aight right now its at 25 kbs and 4 seeders, 28 peers. LMK
4 seeds and 28 peers was the best you could find? The test is meant for toorents with 60+ seeds, 60+ peers.

Could u give me a link with seeders and peers like those?
DVDBack a leecher is a peer

A Leecher = the one(s) without the file (also known as a peer)
A leecher is downloading from a seeder (and most of the time is also uploading to other peers/leechers too)


I thought you posted against the rules, but then I figured you didn't

(The DVD torrent link)


Case: Links to sites offering possibly pirated content (including torrent files and ed2k links). PERMITTED

So all is well

J-kwon, thanks for the lesson, but i know what a peer/leecher is :)

Also, i read the rules before posting.

Nice and cheeky,
MOST seeds and least leechers you can find
The test is meant for toorents with 60+ seeds, 60+ peers.
You said more seeds than leechers, then said they should both be 60+

I didn't appreciate the thanks for the guide thing but what you said didn't really make sense

Right I did say 60+ for both, but with the sentence before I said MORE seeds than leechers, which is easily interpreted as "find one with 60+ seeds and 60+ leechers but one with more seeds, (the most you can find) than leechers".
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