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Im having a problem with the catalyst control center. All was good till I decided to download the latest windows update. Now its giving me this message. First the blue blocks and now this crap...geforce is looking better and better

You do not have permission to change catalyst control center settings. Plz contact your adminstrator for help.

I tried a reinstall and wipe of the center, but no luck. Anybody have any ideas what would cause this? It just started after installing the updates from windows
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No ideas? Guess geforce is a coming then
it seems like your permissions were changed. go into safemode (tap i think f8 till you get teh boot options then safe mode) then find the program folder, right click, hit options, then security, then advance. go under the ownership tab, and select your name as teh owner (you have to be logged into yoru account when you do this) and hit replace owner. make sure that the checkbox to make you the owner for all the subfolders and such.

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