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how to join subtitles with a movie

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I have this movie in Japanese and I want to join it with this text document file which is the subtitles.

If anybody know which program I can use I would be grateful.

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Depends what you mean by join and what format the movie is in.
Well mine is in AVI format. I want to hardcore the subs in the video.
yea i want to know also. I have the final fantasy movie and i have the english subs downloaded all i need is a way to make the subs appear on screen so i could see them. When i go to properties it says "file type: Video clip" can anyone help me.
Search and download directvobsub. Subtitles should show automatically on WMP.
But what I want to know is how to hardcode the subs into the video. So I can have them burned to a VCD that'll have the subs. I've seen people do this but there subs are out of sync with the video and I want to know the solutions as well.
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thanks man i will do as you say
MGSnake I am having the same problem as you now i got the subs working perfectly on windows media player but i don't know how to burnn it on a dvd and make the subs appear.

Look there. You'll definately find your answer.
which one should i look at?
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