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Ps2 slim problem

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i recently bought a new version of the ps2. the first few months i had it, it worked fine. but about 2 weeks ago the disc reader wont turn on, although the ps2 will. but when i shut the lid it does nothing, and wont read the disc. im not the best on repairind things, so any suggestions on how to fix it. ANY HELP APPRICIATED. :)
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DarthMaul Suspended account
did you ever open ur ps2

I am your brother
if it is still under warranty
and you have not modded it in any way
then i would contact Sony and have them fix it.

tourismo4 Im with steimy on this 1. Return it 2 place of purchase is the go where I live in Oz. I think u only get a few months warrenty. Has it been modded or opened. If not it sounds as if 1 or both of the lid closed switches might not be working. There is 1 on top of the power switch (the lid has a a small piece of plastic approx 4mm - 5mm (1/4" - 3/8") that when shut presses the switch). There is also 1 at the back of the lid, (when viewed from the front), is on the right side of the left hinge. This piece of plastic is approx 15mm - 20mm (5/8" - 3/4") worth a look
turismo4 Suspended due non-functional email address
i think that it may be the switch to the left, if it starts the Reading process. but if it is the problem how do i fix it?
Will the disc spin at all? Do u get PSTwo audio on the TV(boot up audio)?
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I have the same problem, I superglued my door switches down so the ps2 thought the door was always closed, using swapmagic discs. It's been working fine for about 6mo but now I turn the console on and the laser move's but no light is emitted. I tried replaing the laser, but it still dow the same thing. I tested all the on-board fuses and they're all good. Maybe one of the switches went bad? Does the laser move when you turn on the ps2 if the switches aren't closed, lik just moving along it's track but no light from the lense?

Anyone got a clue what's wrong?
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AugDogg Sounds like 1 or both of the switches has come unglued. I would suggest bridging the switches with solder(if u have the machine open) or slimtool(if unsure of slimtool I think should get u there) lets no how u go. Yes the laser should move toward the centre then back out 4>5mm / 1/4" with the door / fliptop open. Its my opinion it could b the front switch (power board 1) or ribbon cable.
turismo4 u can bridge the switch (short circuit) this is the same as closing the lid(as far as the PSTwo knows). Test it b 4 u reassemble.
The slimtool is designed 4 this (holds the switches down.(closed)
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its the piece that tool C ( pushes down on, its gone!!
what should i do?
turismo4 r u talking bout the switch on the main board is missing ?
I.E. (its the piece that tool C ( pushes down on, its gone!!)
If this is the case u can bridge a piece of wire (or just a blob of solder) across the 2 pads where the switch came from. This is (electrically) exactly the same as pushing the switch down.
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what kind of wire, any electrical wire or what? i may try the soder, but still would like to know the type of wire. thanks for the suggestion!!!
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turismo4 HI we r only talking about a distance of 2mm > 3mm from one pad 2 the other (easiest 2 just put a blob of solder from 1 2 the other) any wire will work. Just 1 piece of multistrand speaker wire will b fine. The switch only carries a few millamps normally so virtually anything will work. Remember 2 be neat & careful. That is the only key here.
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i dont have a sodering iron so i tried wire... :( i used every wire i could find, i used super slim tweezers and threaded it puuurfectly. BUT. nothing happend, im devastated.
Hi have the almost the same problem my ps2 (Slim) stopped reading disc, any disc, it would go to the menu but when I try to launch the cd/dvd it would say reading disc and then i'll say cannot read disc. By the way there's a menu sound on my menu. Need help please! What can I do with without opening my ps2 before I go to Sony.

turismo4 Suspended due non-functional email address
i have basically given up
Sorry if this is a duplicate post, posted a question in dvd backup forum by mistake. I opened up two regular ps2's and both won't spin discs now, is it possible that i obstructed one of these switches? If so what would be the best way to check/most common mistake made by n00b's?

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