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DVD Shrink only rips .MDS, Decrypter wont burn it

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DVD shrink will always put any dvd I rip in to 5 differnt files, one .mds file always 5kb, and a .I00, .I01, .I02 and .I03. DVD Decrypter will not burn these and comes up with an I/O error. What does this mean and what can I do about it?
thanx for any help...
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Welcome to the forum. I take it your OS (system) is using Fat 32 instead of NTFS. Suggest you rip the movie first using DVDDecrypter ( file mode- whole disk) to HD and then bring up DVDShrink in .iso mode to burn w/ DVDDecrypter. If DVDDecrypter has read errors on the rip then try cleaning the disk real well and retry. If on the second try the errors are still there then if probably is a bad press and you need to return the DVD for exchange.
I do have Fat 32 I riped it to a folder and then opened it with DVD Shrink. I then backed it up and selected the .ISO, and when it finished I still had the same thing no .ISO file. =( I have reinstalled DVD Shrink because even when I select the .ISO output I just get one .MDS file and several other files, yet it did not helped.
Below is a guide and are you doing exactly what the guides says to do and in the order it is written

1. Open DVDDecrypter> go to Mode and makes sure check mark is by the File
2. Go to edit and make sure you click on " Select All". If so now click the decrypt button
3. Open DVD Shrink> click Open Files>Find the file DVDDecrypter made on the HD and click on it> Shrink does quick analysis. Also make a folder on the desktop and call it "Rip Movies"

4. Movie Only Option

a. Go to Re-author and Click

b. Under Main movie slide the main movie to the left under DVD Structure

c. You can now remove the languages you do not want and the audio you do not want.

5. Go to Edit and click Preferences. Now you will see a Blue Box that says -" DVD-5(4.7 g.b.). Now Change that to Custom and to the right of that change the # to 4300. This will not now let you burn to the outer rim.

6. Look under File I/O and make sure" Enable Burning with Nero" does not have a check mark in the box.

7. Click Select Backup Target > click "Iso Image file and burn with DVDDecrypter"

8. Select Target Image File> Browse>desktop> Rip Movie ( file you made)

9. click O.K

10. It will now do analysis and then encode the movie and automatically burn with DVDDecrypter

If you use another program to burn the files you are supposed to click on the .mds file amd not on the .iso files. I hope that I have explained this for you as I am writing this at work. Any more problems let me know
Car.Mike is correct, since you have a FAT32 partition, select the ".MDS" file when you are burning.

Perhaps this thread will help you understand alittle more if need be:

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Thanks, is there a way to just burn the .MDS file in DVD Dicrypter?
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Yes, in the "Source" box, click the little folder with the magnifying glass over it, then select the .MDS file. Then click the "Write" button.

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The .mds files are the information files and that is all they are but you need them so the player will player the movie correctly
so it will play in a DVD player if I do it that way?
thanks for the thread jmet but how do exatly do I convert Fat 32 to NTFS and should I?
Yes, it will play in a DVD player if you burn the .MDS file.

***Note Although the chance of corruption or data loss during the conversion is minimal, I recommend that you perform a backup of the data on the volume that you want to convert before you start the conversion.***

To convert an existing FAT or FAT32 volume to NTFS, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.

2. At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:
convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs
For example, type the following command to convert drive E to NTFS:
convert e: /fs:ntfs (Replace "e:" with the drive letter you are converting)
Note If the operating system is on the drive that you are converting, you will be prompted to schedule the task when you restart the computer because the conversion cannot be completed while the operating system is running. When you are prompted, click YES.

3. When you receive the following message at the command prompt, type the volume label of the drive that you are converting, and then press ENTER:
The type of the file system is FAT.
Enter the current volume label for drive drive letter

4. When the conversion to NTFS is complete, you receive the following error message at the command prompt:
Conversion complete

5. Quit the command prompt.

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