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convert files into iso?

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i DL 2 games, but they came out as files, and no iso? do i have to convert them? if so , how?
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figured it out..........
hey im facing the same problem...

care to explain how to convert the files into 1 iso??

I'm on a mac so i downloaded unrarX and it works great. I just open the game file with all the files like 001-018 or whatever and i just drag the first one 001 into unrarx and it does all the work and bam i got a iso file! Should be the same way on a pc!
thanks drdre..

is WinRAR an equavilent of unrarX?? i still can't get the files to become an ISO... is there a site that teaches you how to do this conversion?? i tried archiving the files together but it still doesn't work..

thanks for helping =)
oh ok..

i finally figured it out...

i'll just show you guys how i did it for the benefit of newbies like me. Hopefully you guys will be able to understand.

I use winRAR to extract my files.

first after dnlding the file from bittorrent, i have a winRAR archive. i extracted it and instead of having an .iso image, it only contain multiple files in it. All you have to do is actually very simple. First of all.. you just right click on the .001 file and choose it to open with winRAR

after that.. you open the file with winRAR and extract out. inside is just the .iso image. right click and choose extract to specific folder(which of course.. the folder is of your choice.. doesn't make a difference)

after extracting... VIOLA!! you have you image.

just dump that .iso image into your fastloader and you're good to go.

Hope this helps=)
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