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XBOX ISO Burning

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Hi Y'all

I have a chipped xbox with evox and a stardard xbox Harddrive. I have just downloaded an xbox game iso file (2Gb).

I would like to know how to burn the iso file onto DVD so it will work on my xbox. I have burned it twice with Nero but it didn't work on xbox.

I have already got a DVD R/RW. using Traxdata DVD+R 4xspeed 4.7Gb

What programs do i need to use, and how to use them.

Many thx

N Barber

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You should burn the ISO file with DVD Decrypter... Always burn the ISO files at the slowest speed possible 1X-2X... The CD Formats that I use are RiDATA DVD-R.... Alot of DVD+R CDs don't work well with burning xbox games.
Also if you look at the Tutorial on how to burn games it will give you instructions on how to burn games with DVD Decrypter.

Would it matter if i was a dual layer DVD?

also.... i heard from another thread that you would have to create an xiso file from the iso

If the game is over 4.7GB yeah I would suggest getting a dual-layered DVD (but since their ten bucks a pop) I would suggest first to delete the movies/xbox live files from the the ripped files, then create that into an ISO and that should be able to fit on a 4.7GB cd. As for the xiso stuff... Not sure.
Tried burning (with DVD Decrypter) iso onto a 8x DATAWRITE DVD-R, still didn't work. tried with and without the evox chip activated. any suggestions?

Its probably the disc media type (Never heard of DATAWRITE, RiDATA is the cheapest and best CD-R to burn xbox games with) that's giving you trouble... Did you patch the game perhaps with qwix before you burned?

Are you getting an I/O error after when you try to burn?
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The .iso you downloaded is problably not an Xiso is an iso that the xbox what you do is find a program that reads .iso...ex. WinISo..ok then dump all of those files into a folder... then use Xiso to make an iso that is readable with an xbox. then just use Nero and it will work....
the whole 'burn at the slowest speeds' thing is more or less relative to your machine and burning methods. I have never had a problem with a 'backup' and the slowest I've ever gone was 4x. Anyways,if you feel safer going at 1x-2x,then so be it. If you are having alot of problems with speeds and things of that nature,why not try out alcohol120%...since it has a larger buffer than Nero. (128MB>80MB)

Most of the time when there's a problem with burning a game,it's probably the media itself...and not the method. Once you find a brand of media that works for you...good idea is to stick with it.

yup, it works like a charm. extracted iso files into a folder, created an xiso file with Qwix and burned with Nero 6.

cheers m8

hey im a newb and really dont no much but recently my mate burned NBA 06 and we tried it on his xbox but it didnt work.

Well it did work but it was really slow

All the load times took like 10 minutes
can anyone please help

if so email me at
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do you have to patch the default.xbe when about to make an xiso????????????????????????????????????????
yup, i used qwix to extract iso into a folder eg. xbox. then applied the patch to the .xbe files. then create an xiso with extracted files. finally burn xiso using Nero 6 at max speed.

doesn't matter wat DVD make you use. i managed to get it working with my cheap ass Traxdata DVD-R's

gd luck

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how did you patch the .xbe files and which ones getting to where it wont load on the xbox...i successfully burned halo 1 this afternoon but i can backup midnight club 3 nor halo 2....i need help please..~!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on halo 1 i didnt patch confused...please help...
use Xiso 1.1.5 to browes your extract folders for the .xbe file (ALL OF THEM) apply to all .xbe files(they should be located in the main folder. then it should work

Iv only burned one game, burnout revenge, but will try another soon as i have downloaded it. try and get hold of a DVD-WR disc handy for wen it doesn't work.... seeing as i wasted 4 DVD's be4 hand, lol. keep tryin, it took me a week to figure out exactly how to crack it!

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4!!! your lucky i wasted like 9
hey everyone,
all of your info has helped a lot... i have downloaded many .iso files from to burn xbox games... i tried burnout revenge and burned it with DVD Decrypter, that didtn work, i was using a DVD+R but i dont know if it was in the xiso format you have all been talking about?? do i need to use some program to convert this iso file to xiso? if so what is it? what are other reasons why this isnt workning??
You will need a program called Qwix. this will convert your iso into xiso. but..... to make sure you are successful you will need to extract the iso. download another program: Xiso 1.1.5.

*there is a guide on how to use these programs, just search on google*

you will need to extract the files into a new folder e.g create one on your desktop. i names mine 'xbox'. anyway, after waitin for about 5 mins it would have extracted all files into that folder.

Now you will need to patch 'all' the .xbe files located in your extraction folder. use xiso 1.1.5 to patch them. i think you go to > tools > patches > retail patch .xbe. then locate your .xbe files to patch.

After patching, you will need to exit 'xiso', and then open 'qwix'. once you'v opened qwix you should click on the 'create xiso' button. (easy to spot), then you will have to 'create an xiso from located folders & files'. simply locate and highlight the folder your extract is in. then click ok. It will ask you where you would like to save your xiso. Save it in the same folder as the extraction.

It will now create your xiso, wait 4 a while.... then use nero 6 to burn the xiso you created onto 'DVD-WR'. burning at 4x speed is ok.

Sorry if thats abit long winded. it should work though. if not messege me bak.

P.S I was typing this during a college class. there might be a few mistakes lol :P

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thanks a lot, i just have to go purchase a DVD-RW, but i dont have Nero... is there a place where i can download it without buying it? i already used up a free trial.. if you could tell me where you got it (if you didnt buy it) thatd be great, or if theres some way to get it to me via email or something... you guys help a lot thanks
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THATS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!
which qwix should i be using? im using qwix 1.01 and i dont see the create xiso there easilly or the other part about folders and stuff
my fault!! the create xiso couldve punched me in the face!! so the top one says create iso from folders or whatever, do i include everything like the .xbe files that i have patched? ive been trying different ways all night (got Nero 6) and i used a CD-R and DVD+RWs because that is all i have righht now... none of them work... this is probably the problem the type of disc right? dvd-rs work better? what about dvd-rws?
Ye i would try n' get yourself hold of some DVD-WR disc's. and i dont think make of DVD is a probelm, i used really cheap ass DVD's.

You will need to create an xiso from ALL the files youv extracted, including .xbe's.

i put in a DVD-R and it tried burning an xiso with Nero and it said illegal disc or something and then when i used DVD Decrypter, it wouldnt let me either?!?!
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