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NTL v Sky Transmission Quality

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I recently switched to NTL digital cable. While the quality is usually fine it can get a bit iffy with fast moving action, e.g. football, where the players seem to disappear and reappear somewhere else rather than actually moving there. It looks a bit like the tele-transporter room in Star Trek!

Does anyone know what video bitrates NTL use and how it compares with others such as Sky, Freeview or even with DVD disk quality?

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Mines fine, contact NTL it may be a problem with your connection or a problem in your area.
Hello there,

I am from Australia Sydney and i just got optus vision digital which is just foxtel. On my decoder box there is a USB port, i was just wondering if i could connect the decoder box USB port to one of my USB ports on my computer to capture the data stream, just like firewire and digi video cameras.

Any ideas???

Thanks Aaron
I've no idea! You could try it out but I guess your PC and your optus box are too far apart or you'd have done it already! Isn't USB usually used for file transfer (e.g. MP3, mpeg files) not the sort of continuous stream you'd get from a set top box? Does the box have a PVR on it letting you record programs as files? You could also check the box make and model number and have a look at the manufacturers website. Out of pure curiousity I'd be interested in hearing what it's for!
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