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I went to a game shop. The shop owner said that the PSP comes with three models, they are 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. But I think they are just different in OS versions. But, the prices are different! He said that it cannot be upgraded nor downgraded. I think he's wrong but he said he's correct.

If I buy a 1.0 PSP, can I upgrade it to v1.5 using a update(eboot.pdb) file?

And... are all the language versions of 1.5 firmware the same? Or that firmware supports multilanguage? I have downloaded a Japanese version of 1.5 updater, but I'm afraid that my PSP will be covered by japanese characters when I switch on my PSP after that update.
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the first psps had 1.0 on them i think then there was 1.5 and 1.52 and 1.52 and 2.0 and now 2.01. and yes the 1.00 can be updated but y do it you can do way more things with a 1.00 than 1.5. and yes 2.00 can be downgraded to 1.5 but 2.01 cant.

Are you sure? Or is it related to where you live?

And if I update using a Japanese 1.5 firmware, can I switch the language to english(after updating) ?

v1.0 - JAP (Stock), ONLY
v1.5 - US (Stock), & JAP ONLY
v1.51 - US & JAP Update to kill Homebrew on PSP 1.0 & 1.5
v1.52 - EU (Stock), added more Security against Homebrew.
v2.0 - JAP, US & EU Added Web Browser and MORE SECURITY aganst Homebrew. Backfired on $ONY when it was found that the .tff Picture funtions could be Hexpl01ted and then allow your PSP to Update (i.e. Downgrade), itself back to PSP v1.50 (JAP)
v2.01 - JAP, US & EU Added Secutrity to stop the .tif Hack
v2.50 - JAP and possibly the US Currently avalible Firmware, Allows you to stream your Media / TV to anywhere in the World to your PSP [You'll need to be in a Hotspot to use it DUH!!), Aswell as now being able to view DRM'd Video's on your PSP. It is also beleaved that $0NY has done it's Homework this time and has taken preventitve measures against any new Buffer Overflow Hexpl01tes...
Is this means that I'll get Japanese words in my PSP if I buy a 1.0 PSP?
Hello? Is this means that I'll get Japanese characters all over my 1.0 PSP?
No AFAIK the PSP is capable of (in no real order), Japenese, English, Deutsche, French and Spanish, amongst some others. Recent Firmware (i.e. v2.0), added Korean Languge support.
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Yeah! thankz!

I heard that someone said you should get a "K" word on the box if you buy a 1.52 PSP. What is meant by the word "K"?
I really have no clue as to what the 'K' means. Try asking $0NY!

My immeadite guess is it's the one of the avalable European Models, the other being a PSP-1003. I have never seen or heard anyone here (or anywhere else for that matter!), refer to a PSP-1003.

I've had Two PSP in my hand since Sep the First 2005. I had to send the First One back because of a Duff Memorystick and nolees then Five Dead / and or Stuck Pixels. Both of these were of the PSP-1004 varity. The second of which was promptly Downflashed to PSP v.1.50...
Wooo... I haven't heard that there are so many models of PSP before... Are the homebrews will work on them? I'm really afraid if I buy a PSP that homebrews can't work.
Yeah that's always a bummer dude!

AFAIK the PSP was sold at retail as version(s) 1.50 (US), and 1.52(EUR),.

According to some PSP News Sites $0NY have plans to start shipping the PSP as v2.50 starting in November. At the moment since almost any PSP your likely to come across here in Europe is going to be a v1.52, you'd have to update it to v2.0 with the UMD Demo Disc. then use the MPH .tif Hexpl01t3 to trip up your PSP into thinking its a v1.0, when it's still in fact a v2.0. Now you can use a v1.50 Update Eboot to Update your PSP to v1.50.

It'll hang in three places and you'll have to hold the Powerswitch up for like Ten Seconds to reset in those places:

Just after useing the .tif Hexpl01te. (You should see Three lines of Numbers),.

After you execute the Update it'll hang at 99% (just give it about anouther 15~30 Seconds to be on the Safe side!),.

Again upon the first reboot after the "Update", My PSP automaticly shutdown, after the "Please call Tech. Support..." Screen.

Reboot after that, and set your Time / Date, and Gamertag. And your all set....
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Wow! It seems like you are a PSP pro!

So, if I upgrade my PSP to 2.0 and trick it into v1.0 by using the *.tif file as you said, can I still access to the internet with the browser provided?
No you will lose the Web Browser as it's a additonal PSP v2.0 Addon that didn't exsist with anything ealier. You can however get by useing the Tenchi Browser or the Wipeout Pure Browser on the PSP v1.50.

Ganted you have acess to a 802.11a,b,g or n, Hotspot Ok 'n' is one of the newer standerds and I don't know if the PSP even supports it. I think it (the PSP), is only capable of 'b' myself. But, you'll still need to have a Wireless Router and or a Wireless Acess Point connectiong back to the PC / Internet Modem inorder to use it.

Since I'm missing a Wireless Acess Point and or the Router, I can not use the Network features of the PSP anyhow. Beside I don't see much need unless I want to read these Foums in the ugh... Reading Room! =)
Is there any link for the internet browser and the tif file?
I really need it.

and... can homebrews damage my PSP when I'm using them? (because I always get a message "you do this at your own risk" in readme of a homebrew)
Then if I'm standing at a Hotspot, I still need a router to access to the internet?
No a Wireless Router is a Hotspot!, the thing is you'll need One. Which sadly I don't have yet. T_T;

I thought I could just get an 802.11a,b,g & n PCI Card and use that. After a Fashion like a 2NIC Connection to my XBOX. I however thought WRONG!
I see...

So I need to buy a router yo access to the internet or there'll be a public router somewhere?
Well I hear that Starbucks' (the $4.00USD) Coffe joint offers free Wi-Fi. Sadly I'm not in that Finacial Bracket to enjoy a single $4.00(USD) Coffe. When I can buy a nice bag for that price and feed it to my Mr., Coffe.

The point I'm tring to stress is 802.11 is not the same thing as 802.3 (the Former being Wireless the Lattter beeing Cat-5 Wirerd),.

And the PSP does NOT support 802.3 only WI-Fi! So unless you already have a 802.11a,b,g or n setup @ Home. The 2.0 Web Browser is not going to be of much use to you. In the Crapper (um Reading Room!), =)
Or anywhere else...
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If I connect a PSP to my computer. Is there any minimum system requirements for my computer in order to trasfer data from or to the PSP or vice-versa?
No you just need a OS that can use an 802.11a,b,g or n PCI Card, or has at the lest a USBx.x (prefably 2.0), connection, on it. So, solong as you have a Windows 2000, XP Box or a Mac OSX Box you should be fine!
do u not also need a location free base to stream tv. witch will set u back a few bucks.
If you like it then yes. But, it may happen that someone might be able to write a Program for the PC / PSP that could do the same thing. The PSP is already able to stream Audio off the Internet. So hopefully it wont take much longer till we have a Program that'll let us stream Video as well...
"No you just need a OS that can use an 802.11a,b,g or n PCI Card" What is this mean? Which OS can use an 802.11a? I need to buy it (the 802.11) (actually, I dunno what is it) to connect my PSP to my computer?
OS = Operating System (i.e. Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OSX 10.0.1 or better),...

In other words I don't think Win9x or WinMe are goning to cut it!
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hi. i am just wondering how many people havedowngraded their psp from v2.00 to v1.50 as i want to do it but don't want to risk breaking my psp.
i have also read somewhere that there is a dummy downgrader going round which locks up your psp without the ability to unlock it. is this true??
thanx for your help anyone
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