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Xbox games taken off torrent sites?

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I would have posted this in the xbox section but the games arn't what concerns me, its the reason they've been removed.

I knowticed a couple days ago that the sites that have xbox games on them dont anymore. (at leased the ones that i checked) Im wondering what happend, did someone get sued and it scared everybody or something? What the hell is goin on, i feel so left out.
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so nothing happend that im not aware of. Thats weird, i wonder why they where removed.
What site where you lookin at i just had a look at iso hunt and there still there????

Might have ditched the Xbox games from their sites before MS went after them. MS has a history of going after BT sites that have Xbox Games on em as well as MS products in general. MS will usually just send a Cease and Desist Order / warning before taking any action. Scares some sites into removing the offending material before MS sics their legal hounds on em
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Ok, i just signed up to say you are a moron. WTF is knowticed? How stupid can you be, and i hope you all get arrested for piracy you god damn thieves
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yeah putting xbox games on a website or torrent for download is destribution of pirated material so they would have to take them off.

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Ok, i just signed up to say you are a moron
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