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Cannot get the DVDR to play. Strange problem, help required. (Avi2Dvd, Winavi, DVD2SVCD)

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I am trying to record a functional DVD+R using Legacy8x (MCC003) media to play on JVC HR-XVC27U DVD player, from a PAL AVI file. According to reviews, the player itself is capable of reading DVD+R media

Attempt by following "How to Convert DivX to DVDR with DVD2SVCD" guide was unsuccessful when an error occured during video processing.

I managed to record a PLAYABLE DVD by using AVI2DVD (PAL>NTSC option), but it came out jumpy, just like the guide stated. So I decided to convert the AVI to NTSC manualy and then process the resulting file with AVI2DVD. However, the DVD, for some reason came out to be unplayable, even though source NTSC file I created was fine.

WinAVI was also used to create DVD files. Both NTSC and PAL sources were used and neither worked in DVD player.

THis brings up a question. How come I had that one successful, jumpy DVD+R with AVI2DVD and now I cannot create a single one by any other method.

(Guide used for PAL>NTSC conversion:

Help is greately appreciated.

Thank you.
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I had recently attempted to create one more DVD by feeding the original PAL AVI to WinAVI. The resulting video worked in the DVD player, but was also jumpy, just like the one from AVI2DVD(PAL>NTSC option).


Both DVDs I created by using automated programs worked, but were skipping when played back due to poor PAL>NTSC processing within the applications.

All DVDs either created manually by following guides or with the help of automated programs (input: prepared NTSC file), for some reason did not work.

I dont understand what I could possibly be doing wrong.

Thanks again.
Try convert with VSO, then burn with e.g. Nero:

Good luck!
The program had converted PAL AVI into 6 VOB files totaling to 5.43GB, too big for standard DVDR.
If the converted movie plays o.k., you could compress with Shrink, then burn with Nero, or compress and burn with Nero Recode. The outputs will still be pretty good.
After and before I compressed the files with Shrink, VOBs played without skipping and any problems on the computer.

I recorded the DVDr. It plays on the player, which is good. But it seems as the player is having a tough time reading the files on the CD, and the video constantly pauses and continues to play again. When the video pauses, it sounds like the player is trying really hard to read the disk, the laser head which reads the disks goes back and forth alot (which makes the sound).

Since you guys are the experts here I ask for opinions on what is causing this terrible playback. Bad media compatability with player or something else? I had not gotten the chance to play my recording on different brand dvd player, but the product plays flawlessly on computer DVD burner.

Thanx again.
This could well be a compatibility issue between the media, pc, burner, software, and player. Since VSO, Shrink, and Nero are all very popular and flexible softwares, you may try change the media first to see if things might be better.

Good luck!
Will do, scf_au. I have a feeling youre one of very few experts to help us newbies out on these boards with so many help requests.

Your help is greately appreciated. Thank you.

PS. Will post further problems, if any, with new media later.
Not much of an expert, just like to burn dvds (over 400 by now) and experiment new things. There are many people with tons of knowledge here, so do feel free to share your views and problems.

Catch you later!
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