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Nero 6 won't erase CD-RW disc

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I have a CD-RW disc with one song on it (written by Windows Media Player 9 Series, if that makes a difference).

Anyway, I need a blank disc for WMP 10, and I can't get Nero to erase the previously burned CD-RW disc. I have tried both quick erase and full erase functions -- and both abort (quick erase after 15-30 seconds into a 2 minute erase and full erase after a couple of minutes into a 25 minute erase).

Does anyone know why Nero won't/can't erase the CD-RW (getting a non-helpful error message of "Error erasing the disc"). Thanks.


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Ron in Round Rock
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Try e.g. Alcohol 120%
Nope, alcohol doesn't work -- plus. both are pretty new discs, right out of the case -- and they were written on just a day or two before trying to erase them.

However, I have tried erasing them so many times that there is a lot of skipping in the song now, but the song is still recognizable by the various media players and plays (sort-of).

So, I would say that the erase is working occassionally, but only a few percent of the song is missing, most is still there.

Could this be some sort of problem with the recorder in my machine (LITE-ON drive in a Gateway) -- laser not getting hot enough -- or could this be a media problem -- after all, how can Erase fail -- erase doesn't sound too high tech to me.

(scf_au - you were kidding about the 120%, wern't you)

Ron in Round Rock

Ron in Round Rock
scf_au -- Well, that just shows you how much I know about this subject (DVD burning, authoring, capturing, etc.).

I have been doing some more reading and discovered that the Alcohol 120% you recommended is another DVD burning software package -- sorry scf_au -- I thought you were telling me to clean my disc.

This thing is driving me crazy. I have erased the CD-RW disc so many times, it is getting almost impossible to play -- but guess what, you can still stick it in the drive and the software recognizes it and the song on it.

Why does this stuff have to be so difficult -- why can't it just work.

Are there any good disc analysis programs out there -- something that just analyzes the disc and tell one what's one it, and/or what's not on it.

Ron in Round Rock
No, I wasn't joking about Alcohol 120% (did you actually try the program?). It actually can erase and format cds and dvds very effectively and had saved my day. But if you had tried it and it didn't work, sorry about that.

On the other hand, some programs (e.g. Nero) would offer to erase rws before burning. Did you try this or did it still wouldn't work?

Yes, I checked out Alcohol 120% and found they had a 30 day trial version -- so I downloaded it.

Nope, it doesn't work either. In fact, when I try the Erase function, it comes back with "Not a CD/DVD Re-Writable Disc" -- which would lead on to believe the disc is totally bad.

Except that Windows Media Player and Musicmatch both recognize the disc and start playing the song, whatever there is left of it (lots of skipping because of the many erases I have tried -- some of them must have sort of worked).

But, I will have to give Alcohol 120% a zero, because it doesn't even recognize the disc???

Like I said before, why is this so complicated -- why do so many things not work.

Ron in Round Rock
May be you could try your luck with these free tools?
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