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DVD Shrink 3.2 - Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

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dobin Suspended due non-functional email address
The following error message appears after about 23% of opening a disc - "DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file"E:\" Data error (cyclic redundancy check)" Does anyone know what this message means, I have copied lots of DVD's previously with no problems. I have uninstalled and re-installed DVD shrink but to no-avail. Has anyone got any suggestions or assistance they can offer me, it would be greatly appreciated - Thank you
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Is this an original dvd or a backup dvd that you are trying to rip?

If it is a backup disc,something is wrong:Dirty disc/scratched disc/too many errors on that disc when it was burned.

If it is a new,original dvd: Diry/scratched/bum disc/or newer sony arrcos encryption.

First thing to do is clean it up.It may be finger prints or other crap.Look for deep scratches.

With some the newer releases like sony pictures: The arrcos encrypion will give DVD Shrink that crc error.DVD Shrink need help on them,via AnyDVD by slysoft.This background ripper will help DVD Shrink pull off those newer encryptions,with no extra step.You can download a free trial.

What is the name of this dvd that you are trying to rip?

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dobin Suspended due non-functional email address
It's an Original DVD - The Forgotten (But is happening on all Original's I try to copy - Thanks for the advise, I will try what you have suggested and see how I get on (Sorry all new to me)
Check out this site for some of those movies that may give dvd shrink that crc error.Majority on that list say region 2,but I know region 1 discs were also affected.

Anydvd by slysoft will also help dvd shrink pull off those newer encryptions that sometimes give dvd shrink.You may want to give the free trial a shot.Just click on the blue link where it says Anydvd or go to the software tab/under dvd rippers.

I know dvd shrink has trouble with The Forgotten. It may be the encryption where the kid is running around with green shorts? It tells you in that link I posted about that little kid encryption.
(But is happening on all Original's
I'm interpreting this as all the different originals of the movie The Forgotten. Let me know otherwise.

Edit: You can also try dvd decrypter and use file mode.File mode/rip to hard drive/Open up dvd shrink to compress/find the folder for The forgotten/and proceed as your normal dvd shrink process.

Since you get the crc error during the initial analysis in dvd shrink,anydvd should pull off that encryption.

Good Luck
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dobin Suspended due non-functional email address
Unfortuantely DVD Shrink was working fine, Then the CRC error came up and I can no longer rip any Dvd not just The Forgotten - Thanks again for your advise, I will try this out later and let you know how I get on - Cheers
Crc error on every disc? Maybe something wrong with your dvd-rom/or the dvd-rom part of your DVD-RW drive?

Try playing those dvds on your pc using that drive.

Also try re-ripping one of your backups and see it you get that crc error.Just rip it like you'd do a normal dvd before you started having problems.You don't have to complete the burn,just see it it will analyze,and then encodes to hard drive.
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new to the list but I wanted to chime in and say The Forgotten has also given me trouble with shrinking.I have had trouble with a couple recently.
dobin Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks all for all your advice, DVD Shrink is now working and ripping & Burning as it should, Followed your advise and managed to copy The Forgotten - Thanks again from this now more knowledgeable Newbie
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