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DVD2SVCD Guide Failed to create Bin/Cue, but gave MPEG-II file instead.

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Using this Afterdawn DVD2SVCD Guide:

I chose the CVD option and ended up with a processed mpeg-II file, which is of perfect quality, but the guide said I should end up with bin & cue files which were not I can't burn the image with Nero.

Now I don't know which way to burn a "CVD" with an SVCD?

I'm also not sure if the bin/cue failed because I chose "no image" on the CD Image tab. Because this was a home DVD movie, and had no recognition at the IMDB database, I assumed this menu tab about "image" was all related to to giving a SVCD an opening screenshot .bmp image of an actual film, rather than an ISO/bin/cue type image.
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Well a BIN/CUE is a CD image.

Just make sure that Nero doesn't re-encode. Should be a box about compliance that you can tick/untick to avoid re-encoding.
Yeah, I did that with Nero...but for future reference...should I have kept all the image tab options checked to end up with the bin/cue files?
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