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DVD copy won't copy!

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My first ever membership of a forum - anywhere! I am new to backing up DVD's and have got stuck. I am also not very "techie", so can't work out what is happening. I am using Nero 6 and DVD43. I have two dual layer burners. When I copy from an orginal DVD to DVD+R / +RW - perfect, no problem, plays fine on computer and DVD player. But when I try to copy a copy - Nero fails to create the image. I have noticed that DVD43 doesn't detect the copy when inserted, but don't know if this is connected in any way, or it just means the copy has no protection on it.

Any ideas anyone?
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You already made a backup and now you want another copy of that backup. Turn off DVD43 because your backup doesn't need any copyprotection taken off. That's what DVD43 does. But when you already copied the original all that is taken out. Nero 6 will make an exact copy just don't use DVD43 running in the background. Set your source drive and your destination drive and away you go! that's it! should work great!

Remember..... burn at low speads (4x)
use good media (stay away from Memorex, it's the worst)
if your writer can accept this try to Booktype drive
to DVD-ROM for better disk compatibility.

and read this thread, it will help answer many questions about DVDs and burning them:
check out ScubbaPete's and BBMayo's Guides. good luck! let me know how you made out!
Thanks - but it didn't work! I turned off DVD43 and still Nero fails to copy. I know my media is good and I'm burning at slow speeds - I may be new at this, but I did as much research as my understanding of the jargon could support! Any other ideas?
you don't have Roxio and Nero installed at the same time do you? They often cause problems together. Also Nero InCD is a problem... it's known to cause conflicts, too. Usually if you get rid of Roxio (which is not the best of programs) and/or uninstall InCD your computer will run better and won't cause problems like this.

I use Nero to copy from a copy and I don't have problems. I know that other programs like Sonic Record Now! works good too! I also use VSO CopyToDVD that works great. I'm sure there are others out there that can burn good too.

You can also use DVDDecrypter to get the files onto your hard drive then use Nero to burn! that should do it! If you don't have DVDDecrypter here is where you can get this FREE program:
follow the guides that is in the thread that I gave you in the above reply! It works! Sorry you are having so much trouble copying a copy! good luck ...... keep me informed!
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are you changing the source and destination back after creating your file image.source image file. destination is the drive you want to burn to put your dvd in the 1 you want to burn let it spin and then set burn speed.
I think Beth already knows that Filebox.
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Thanks all of you for your advice. I got rid of Roxio a long time ago as it caused lots of problems previously - I am going to try your advice and will let you know how it goes - I hate being beaten!
there's always a way to go...... and there's always people on AD to help you out! ohhhhhh which reminds me..... WELCOME TO AD, BETH!!!
I know my media is good and I'm burning at slow speeds

You said your media is good, but what media are you using [i.e. the one you've already backed up and try to burn/copy again]? Cheap media is extremely tough to do a recopy - just a note that's all.

WARNING: Do not "update/upgrade" your SAMSUNG BD-D5XXX series (Bluray Player), or else you cant enjoy any of your movie files.
How 2 downgrade Samsung BD-D5XXX Series Bluray player
As usual, Alcohol comes with good advise!
I've used Verbatim and Philips. Same problem with both - but one oddity, and that one backup of actually does copy with no problems, and I have done nothing different! But I'll try the other advice tomorrow too - see if anything works.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice. Problem solved. After following everyones advice I eventually tracked down the problem to a cyclic redundancy fault - looked it up elsewhere on AD, and lo and behold found the answer. Now I am cleaning all my new disks before I burn them and it seems the problem has gone away. Not that I won't be back often - there's so much more I haven't read yet!
Beth..... you remind me of myself when I just started out! check out my collection list in my signature! I came to AD with just under 200 DVDs..... now it's over 725!!! all of them perfect!!! good luck! and enjoy!
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