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I DOWNLOADED THESE .01 .02 /.001 .002/.part1.rar .part2.rar FILES....what do i do?

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will replace them soon

Well,you need to look at this guide,if you have downloaded something,and you dont know what to do next.

IF one of the below questions relates to you,then this is the correct place to be

I have these files,and i dont what to do with them?

HELP,i downloaded this game,and i havent got an ISO,but i do have all these files like .001,.002,003 etc

WTF,arent i supposed to get an iso when i download a game,instead i get all these files?

i downloaded a movie for my son,the files are named like this mvs-sa r00/mvs-sa r01/mvs-sa r02 etc..please help!

so,for once and for all
i can gaurantee,that they are most probably rar archives

RAR FILES? what are they

Without going into too much detail,when an uploader wants to upload something,its best to make the upload as small as possible,(saves on downloading time),thus he/she will compress the files.
they are split into little archives...the size dependant on the actual initial image size/format.
Iso's are normally 50mb segments
Bins/avi's etc are normally 15 mb segements
mp3's are not compressable,so are normally not rar'd.

Anyway,back to your files.... you need to follow this

This is a basic guide for those who dont know what rar files are,and dont know what to do with them


The first thing you must do after installing winrar is to untick this tab.


If you dont do this,when you download a set of rar files,the chances are you will extract the iso,and that iso will have the winrar icon associated with the iso,and this will make you think it needs extracting again.
this is why sometimes people complain that they have a a bunch of game files instead of the iso image,thats because they have extracted it again.

You should only ever have to extract a set of rar archives once

Rar files can come in many forms,under many archives

The most common being shown below

In some cases your pc may not recognise them,and they will look like this

However,we know they are rar archives because they will have an extension like..001 .002 .003

Basically,when the image was compressed with winrar the option was selected to split the image into lots of rar files




As all the info contained inside the different rar files will be re-joined back together to form the original image

It is possible you may just have 1 rar file,it depends on who and how they made it

step 1

Open the folder which contains the rar files,and do as follows.
See how i have chosen the first rar file from the bunch.
Just right click on it,and select EXTRACT HERE

Thats all there is to it...however
This is where some people run into a bit of trouble,and you get questions like..

1)Mine dont look like that?
2)Mine dont have that extension?
3)MY files have this wierd icon,and i dont know it is
4)They look like this

5)When i right click,i dont have the option to extract here,i do have the option to open,but when i try that,all i get is this window,saying Windows cannot open this file?

It will look like this

So,Do as the above picture shows,then follow the 3 steps shown in the diagram below

1)Browse for the program winrar
2)Tick the tab
3)Click OK

Now because you have chosen this route to open the file,Winrar will open itself,and the contents of the rar files will show
Depending on what you have downloaded,this may be a ISO/BIN/AVI etc etc
Now you have 2 choices,..

1)You can extract the contents from there,simply by drag/dropping it somewhere else
2)You can close Winrar,and go back and try to "Extract Here again. (This time Windows knows to do with the file,because you ticked that TAB,rememeber?

On some versions of winrar,it has problems with some file extensions,and even when selecting the "open with winrar" option,it never recognises the file extension,this applies commonly to the rar archives with the extension .001

Dont panic however,as winrar has the option to manually add user defined archive extensions

OPTIONS/SETTINGS/INTERGRATION/add the file extension in the "user defined archive extension" tab

See diagram

job done

you have now successfully extracted the contents of your rar files,and you can do what the hell you like with it.

Remember,these diagrams are for information purposes only,and in no way or form do i support piracy,hell no,i dont even know where i got these pictures from.

On a final note:-

info added by Dunker

One thing,that you must MAKE SURE,IS YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE! Compression programs like WinRAR and WinZIP have a considerable history of security problems, particularly serious ones i.e. stack overflows and heap corruptions which allow remote code execution. Since so many of these RARs and ZIPs come from P2P and Bittorrent - in other words, malicious sources - you can be certain that, sooner or later, you will run into maliciously-constructed RAR and ZIP files. You only need to attempt extraction in some cases and bam! you're infected. I suspect that many of these archives aren't merely corrupt, but contain malicious payloads.
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i agree should be a sticky

done - friend of the forums, great guitar player
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see if this thread is stickied why not mine?

could ya change the title of mine to The OFFICIAL best media thread ***FOR GOD's SAKE NOOBS LOOK HERE FIRST!!!!!!!****

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Nice Hursty:D

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I love that dumbass response you got in the other thread,

"Where can I download the rar files?"
I downloaded a game,obviously in rar. Using WinRAR gave me a bigger rar file by the same name, which in turn I decompressed again. The end result was a number of files and folders only two of which were numbered. These two were DAT files. HJSplitter didn't recognise any of the files and DVD Decrypter only "saw" a few(out of a much bigger number of) files that were named JIA2US ,COMMAND or DNAS300. I really tried figuring things out through the forums, but just couldn't find a similar situation. I would really appreciate some help.
you have probably got WinRAR to associate iso's(or whatever image type it was) with WinRAR.
when you un-rared it the first time,that was it,but it was showing the WinRAR icon..yes???

open WinRAR,and go to >OPTIONS/SETTINGS/ the iso box checked???..if so,un tick it

the files you have got are the contents of the iso image

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I've tryed exracting the 001 file and it says that it was broken. so I tried joining then with HJsplit but the file still fails to extract at the same place of extracting the orginial file was 2.02gb but he half extrcted rar file is 224mb real small thought there are readable files on the folder and files corupt or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks. Yes, the icon was of WinRar. I think I understand what you 're suggesting had happened, but I looked and the ISO box wasn't checked. Maybe I should ignore it and and just burn the ISO(the product of the first decompression) regardless of what it appears to be(and, by what you say, isn't)?
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yes,just burn it
if it has the "iso"extension,then its an iso image,regardles of what it looks like
my iso images are not associated with anything,and appear as "unknown file type",but they are still iso's,its just that the pc doesnt know it

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Well, that 's it then. Again, thank you for your help.
I see I'm late for this, but if anyone still looks. you actualy extracted the contents of the Iso."JIA2US ,COMMAND or DNAS300" These are just a couple of the files inside the Iso.
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If any of you guys are nice enough to let download a file like syphon filter ive been searching for months and i cant find anything

i want psx isos and i dont know where to find them
#15 has every rom for every system. It can't be beat.

I'm a freakin' ninja.

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Unfortunately emuparadise also had lots of *leechers & a horrible tracker admin who won't stop it. Tough talk, but they never enforce the seeding rules whatsoever. Much better sites out there.

The standard for PS2 dvd games is an .ISO (and sometimes an .MDS) file. For CD games, you'll find .CUE, .BIN and other formats. Depends on which program they used to extract the original. But, you simply burn one of these files to the DVD using Alcohol/DVD Decryptor or whichever program is your favorite. You should NOT have a bunch of files like SYSTEM.CNF or SLUS_21.207 if you do, guess what? You extracted the Binary files which is BAD. Really bad. Hope you saved the original files or know someone who knows which order to burn the smaller files back.
Now go back to your original and burn that .ISO/.MDS/.BIN/.CUE file and leave those little tiny critters alone. Enjoy teh games
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Ok i have a big question///

I need download all the data that its show in the torrents or I can download just the file .001 to extract ???

I make this question because I never used the other files like .002, .003,.004 ect....i just used the .001 file to extract because this file have all the data that I need to play my Game..that is 45 MB and after the extract is 2.34GB...

So can I download just the file .001 via Bitcomet or i need download ALL THE TORENT FILE THA IS 1.67GB...????
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@Joel23, take a look at this:
@ joel

you need to download ALL the rar files

although you only ever use/extract from the first archive,it extracts the data from all of them

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Thanks Hursty.....Now I understand!!!
hello, I downloaded cabellos dangerous hunts, although I thought it was another game, i extracted with WinRAR, there were like 65 smaller rar files, I extracted the first and it said it was a mpeg movie, what can I do
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I've got 93 files taht look like this 'xpdvd-wtl-DTS-NTSC-DVDR.002'

They aren't rar files as I already extracted a rar and these 93 files were the result. I think they are image files but the icon is just the generic file icon.

What do I need to do?
im just curious as to where people download these at
You should NOT have a bunch of files like SYSTEM.CNF or SLUS_21.207 if you do, guess what? You extracted the Binary files which is BAD. Really bad.
What should I do if I do have a bunch of files instead of an image? (I understand the regular packing techniques and image formats.)

Open up Nero Burning Rom, UDF/ISO or just UDF (depending on folder sizes). Once opened, drag n drop your files and burn the disc.

Also, this doesn't work all of the time. Sometimes you actually need the exact order of the files.

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