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.mp4 files refuse to play (Media Player Classic)

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I can not get .mp4 files to play in media player classic. i have installed every codec pack known to man but .mp4 files still will not play with media player classic. i can get them to work with VLC, but i do not enjoy using that player for many reasons and would much rather use media player classic. i dont understand, i have never had any problems with any other video format before, just this one video format. these .mp4 files are giving me such a headache. ive been to and downloaded every codec pack there, and also everything under tools. i have also downloaded some other codec packs on other sites, but nothing works. i even checked in my system32 folder and i have at least 4 different kinds of mpg4 player classic is the best media player in my opinion and i would really love some help. why cant i play .mp4 files in media player classic?

thanks for your time.
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fixed it. turns out i needed FFDShow installed AGAIN, but i already had FFDShow installed? thats just insane. well at least it works now. so if you had a problem playing .mp4 files and already had FFDShow installed, try installing it again and they should play. cheers.
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I wonder why ppl go to all the trouble to watch Matrovska files in the first place? I've found a few anime in that format; I never bother d/l them. When i tried it in the past, the supposedly "better Windows Media Player" format crashed the OS. Twice. So *2#& that!

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mp4 != mkv

Why do people watch? If there is something that you want to watch and it is in mkv, then what else are you going to do?

Why do people create mkv's? More powerfull than AVI. Supports VFR, native AVC, etc. Never had any problems creating or playing back mkv's here or mp4's for that matter.

Media Player Classic has a built in mp4 splitter, as well as an AAC audio decoder. No decoders for MPEG-4 part 2 or AVC video though which is where FFDShow comes in. They (MPEG-4 and AVC) need to be enabled in its decoder config though, otherwise it won't decode them.
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