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Burning with folder2ISO and DVD decryter, finished disk does work.

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firstly i do apologise if i have posted this in the wrong place or are asking something already covered. i have spent an hour searching the forums but there are too many threads and i couldn't find what i needed.

I followed the guide on folder2ISO and dvd decryter (which was fab by the way, thankyou very much!!). I convered my vob files and associated files folder using the folderISO, no problems. i then followed the guide to burn using dvd decryter, again no apparent problems, FANTASTIC i was thinking! but... then the finished dvd disk won't play in a dvd player.... have i missed out a step or something or misunderstood the purpose of burning the ISO folder? shouldn't it work as a normal movie dvd?

thanks in advance for any help and advice

Emma x

sorry i just realised i named the thread incorrectly, the disc DOESN'T work
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will this disc play in your computer also what brand of media did you use.

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What format of disc did you burn it to, by that I mean was it DVD-R or DVD+R?

What is the brand name and model # of your DVD player?

What is the brand name of the disc you burnt to?


i think the disc i used was DVD+R, but i have used both formats before in the dvd burner and my dvd player with no problems.

calhounm: when i put the disc in my computer (in both my dvd writer drive and cd writer/dvd player), it doesn't automatically open like a normal dvd movie would. windows opens the folder like a normal data disc, which is why i think i have missed a step out of something. it has basically burnt the iso folder like it is on my computer, and not put it together like a movie.

temj: the dvd player i am trying to use is a toshiba tv-dvd combi model number vtd1432 and the disc's i have been using are verbatim. i have no problems playing +r or -r disc's in the tv dvd combi if its a movie i have just done an exact copy of, so im guessing i haven't coverted it correctly.

completely unrelated question: i am in the process of buying some new discs, but need to go for a cheaper option than verbatim, think im going to stick to DVD-R, have you guys had an experiance with the bulkpaq brand?they seem cheap on ebay.

thanks to both of you for trying to help me, i look forward to if you can shed anymore light on the situation. the file/folder i started with was VOB and its associated files, which is why i followed the advice in the guide here to use folder2iso and DVD Decrypter. is there another program that will accept VOB format?

thanks again
I couldn't find any detailed specs on that TV/DVD player combo. But, you say you have successfully played - and + disc's.

DVD+R disc's are more compatible, as they have the ability to be Booktyped to DVD-ROM.

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