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Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations how do i fix?

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umm i have a bunch of .img files on my pc (100GB worth) and they work on divx. but i want to burn them and play them on my dvd players how do i do this. if this is a repost or a question someone might have asked sorry and please refer me to that thread.
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Try DVD Decrypter. But if you want to burn more than one imgs on a single dvd, you may try extract the image files with e.g. IsoBuster, then burn with e.g. Nero.
When i burn .img through DVD Decrypter i get this error "Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations" I burned 2 DVD's before and they worked fine. Anyone know what the problemon is. I have wasted 10 DVD's trying to burn movies that give me this error. So anyhelp would be appreciated.
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That's probably because the movies have region codes different from your player. If the burning goes well, you can try install AnyDVD or DVD43 to take care of the region code problem.

Good luck!
What do i do just leave it on and then burn my disc through Nero?
Just to be on the safe side: Try extract the contents of the imgs onto the harddisk with e.g. IsoBuster first and tell us what are inside (e.g. video_ts folders?).
Yes they are Video TS folders. I used CloneDVD and i assumed i was suppose to let AnyDVD run in the background and it still gave me that errror =[
Can you play the movie from the harddisk after extraction?
Yes, and after i burn it take it out and put it back in my DVD-Rom. The microsoft screen says how should we play this movie.
So I guess the original 'area limitation' problem should be gone. Now in order to play the movie, you only need to run the media player (e.g. Nero Show Time, PowerDVD) and click on the video_ts folder or the video_ts.ifo file of the movie. Or you can right click on the video_ts.ifo file and select the media player to open it. Either way is o.k..
Oh no. i could always watch on my computer i just cant watch on my TV dvd player.
So can you watch it on the pc after burning to dvd?
Yes, and i can watch it out without burning it too. (directly off the Hard Drive)
O.K., so you're saying the conversion and burning worked, except that the disc cannot be played with the standalone dvd player, and an error message: "Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations" was showing, right? In that case, try use e.g. Nero Info Tool to check the region code of the burnt disc, and see if that's compatible with your dvd player and/or tv.
it says region "All" BTW do you think me using DVD-RW has anything to do with it. I dont think so but if so tell me i can use a DVD-R. Only reason i wasn't using a DVD-R is because i wanted to make sure the disc would work before wasting a disc.

PS: i just remembered i have burned another movie on DVD-RW and it worked. so hmm
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Well, if it says 'region all', then you shouldn't have the region code problem. In that case, you may indeed try change the media to -r if your dvd player supports that.
Well its weird, I created a DVD-RW that played on it. But i created another DVD-RW (another movie) and it didnt work. I used it on another DVD player i have (thats connected with the tivo) didn't work. So i tried it on another DVD player we have that has a video tape player. But i doubt having all those makes any difference.

I dunno whats up but since i have 3 different dvd players. I guess i will just use it on the one that works. And i will try the DVD-R on the one that isnt working right now. (the one i am trying to get it fixed)
It's not uncommon for burnt dvds to be able to play on one dvd player but not the other. It's a compatibility issue that you need to solve with a bit of patience. Changing the media or burning programs often help.
Ok i still dont understand how to use AnyDVD. Do i start it up let it run in the background? and then use CloneDVD and burn my disc? The dvd player it works on is an old one and it kinda sucks sometimes i see flickers and always messes up at the end of the movie for some odd reason. So if any could help me use AnyDVD and i could try burning another disc that would be helpful and any other ideas on what i should do would be helpful as well
Anydvd runs in the background. So if you don't encounter the region code or copy protection problem, the program is doing its job. As for the copying and burning, if CloneDVD is not working well, you may try use e.g. Nero Recode to do it and compare the results:

Run Recode, click 'copy entire dvd to dvd', 'import dvd', then go highlight the video_ts folder of the movie, and follow from there.

Good luck!
I have a sony DVD palyer and I have the sane problem. It is not a media compatibility issue. It is not the fact that you used a DVD-RW. It seems to be a problem with all-region DVD's. The DVD's that get the "Area limitations" error play fine on other DVD players!

There may be a mismatch in regions (that is region may be coded in more than one place and they may not match). This is a guess. I have no data to support this.

Otherwise I am out of ideas. I have reripped the bad DVD's using DVD decryptor. Reprocessed them through DVD Shrink and reburnt them with Nero.

This has only been a problem with downloaded files.

I too ould appreciate a solution to this problem.
The only solution i can come up with is. (this worked for me) Get AnyDVD run it and use CloneDVD. No don't use any other program and defintly don't use Nero. I was burning a disc through CloneDVD and it worked. Then i burned it through Nero and it gave me the playback error.

Try it, pretty sure it should work. I would recommend burning it slowly because he does seem to skip a lot.
The reason with every DVD so far is that they have been PAL (a European format) instead of NTSC (an American format). This is unrelated to the "region" limitations on the disk. It is the actual size in pixels of the picture. This is not easy to fix. The entire thing would have to be reencoded.
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Ok I feel like a dummy now. :oops:

I had this same Problem.
The reason some DVDs worked and some did not is because some of the movies downloaded were in PAL (a European format) instead of NTSC (an American format).

Nero will ask you "Your project contains more PAL than NTSC material, but will be encoded in NTSC if you use the current settings. Do you want to change the settings to PAL, so that your project will be encoded in the video mode that matches the majority of the project's contents" And like a dummy I would hit yes.

Make sure you hit NO :D :D

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Well when I burn movies from my hard drive that are NTSC an are not copy protected, I get the Area limitation thing on my sony DVD player. It must be a sony thing, any company that invents DRM is Evil!!!

It has taken a long time to discover the many different ways to burn,scan,ripp,download,cut,paste and protect.
Never give up on new ways and new solutions

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