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blindwrite software

Quick question. Im trying to find a way to back up my area 51 game which is protected by starforce. Clone cd cant seem to do it. Will vso blindwrite be able to do it or no? I just want to make a copy before the original gets damaged and I cant play it. Plus it would be nice to make a iso and usa a virtual drive so i dont need the cds

I really dont believe in no cd

epox mobo EP-9NPAJ
amd 3700+ san diego core oc to 2.50
antec true power 430 watt dual +12 volt rails @ 18 amps each
bfg geforce 6800 gt oc edition
dragon case
Ibm P260 dvi & vga 21 inch crt monitor 1600 x 1200 @ 85 htz Oh yeah!!
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