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Why my ps2 emulator run so slow ?( Help me please)

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i had a pcsx2 0.8.1 and when i insert a ps2 game in my pc drive it loads but soso slow.
WOuld you help me please
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there is nothing that can you help you. fact is ps2 emulation is still at a very early stage and unless you have a beast of a pc any game you try will not run at a playable level
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your pc must be very powerful to play ps2 games.


"Uhhhh", your pc doesnt have to be a beast to run playstation 2 games, it is the emulator that is still in its early stages and has alot of bugs and problems, i have been able to play some ps2 games on computer without any speed problems, but even with PSX games the pcsx2 works slow sometimes. So it cant be the games or the computer, it is the compatibilty with the titles. Try it urself.

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well it doesn't work on mine though.


If you take a look at the PCSX2 website, , you will see the games that are compatible. As you can see most are not even working at all. I've tried a few games that i have bought such as, Crazy Taxi. CT is supposed to work according to the chart on but it doesnt do much but freeze. Same with Devil May Cry 2, it runs but everything is blurry and wack. As for my PC i have a fairly good setup. Pentium 4(HT) 2.8ghz, ATI Radeon X850XT 256mb, 1.5gb DDR RAM. So as you can see it has nothing to do with how fast your computer is. I noticed that if you use the wrong plugins it will go much slower. Make sure you pick the plugins with SSE2 or whatever so it will run to its optimum. L8er
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