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To Bypass Macrovision - 2 products I found.

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This may already be posted here. If it is forgive me. I just found out about these 2 products. They will bypass macrovision protection so that you can back up your personal store bought DVDs and VHS thus eliminating the need to buy LiteOn and ILO. Hmm, interesting, though I already own an ILO04 and have ordered a LiteOn that hasn't arrived yet. Wish I'd seen these before. This opens some new doors for options for us to back up our personal products.

Here is DVD Red Pro:

and GoDVD! Model CT-2:
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I have a vhs dvd recorder and all I used was tape to record a commercial VHS, must have tricked the player.No Ilo player here.Put tape on the end of cassette.Player thinks its a recordable and not a commercial.

Is it crap or is it memorex?
KimTx Suspended due non-functional email address
Really? Put tape over the hole? Hmm, interesting. I never thought about that. I'll have to try it sometime.
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