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Cutting scenes from DVD

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Hi All,

Can anyone please advise or point me to a tutorial that shows how to cut scenes from a DVD.
I want to crop some scenes from my wedding DVD please?
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andmerr Suspended account
what format is the files currently in.Where in the dvd did you want to cut.Start/middle/end.
At the present they are VOB files on the DVD and I wish to cut scences from the middle.
I can convert it to mpeg if it makes it eaier for editing and converting back to DVD once done.

Thanks for the response.

Look at this guide.I used this prog. to edit an old VHS tape, converted to DVD, of Star Trek TNG (the final 2 hour TV episode).
It is easy to use, inasmuch as you view the video, mark the start frame, mark the end frame, then cut the section.
The final product was pretty good, and you allways have your original to fall back on if you mess up.
andmerr Suspended account
@ attar, thats the obvious choice but as the section he wishes to cut is in the middle he will have trouble as when you edit from the middle you will alter the sound and it wont match up again.

I suggest TMPGEnc encoder, its mpeg tools will probably be better than the dvd author ones.I will however look for a better editing program for you.
The point is took.
Most wedding (receptions) I attended would have been better without the sound ;)
andmerr Suspended account
your a funny
cheers guys, i will let you know how i go.
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