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How do I actually play my downloaded PC game torrent

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Can anybody help i have downloaded tiger woods 2006 for the pc and i have run it through rar and now its given me a file called "add-tw6a.mdf" file mdf and i don,t know what to do next or if i have done the right thing in the first place.

thanks guys
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You have two options.

The first,
1. Download Daemon Tools 4
2. Install and run DT4
3. Set one virtual drive and then Mount Image, and then "mount" the .mdf

The second,
1. Open DVD Decrypter
2. Set to ISO WRITE
3. Burn at 2x.

When its done, pop it back in your PC and install from there.



ok used the first option thanks for that now its asking me for a key code which you get on the manual and on the case which i have not got is there anyway of getting hold of this???
Every torrent folder comes with an NFO that you can open with Notepad and it will give you the serial number.

Good luck!

Ok, ive downloaded a game call The Matrix - Path of Neo and ive installed it by running the .mds file on daemon v4 the installation completed and it double clicked on the icon on my desktop but all i get is: PLEASE REMOVETHE CURRENT DISK FORM CD/DVD DRIVE AND INSERT THE ORINGINAL IN OTHER DRIVE /E. wtf does this mean? When i downloaded the game it came in loads of files but i know i had to unrar them and take the .mdf and .mds and put them in 1 file wich i called The Matrix - Path of Neo . P.S WHAT DO I DO WITH THE .MDF FILE?

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ok i have daemon running on all emulations(i think thats a good thing) i have 2 virual dvd drives with daemon i is H(1) and the Other G(2) I have the games .mds on drive H and the games .mdf on drive G but im still getiin the smae problem some 1 help FAST i really wanna play this game! BTW would a no dvd image help?

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A mini disc image should work. If not use antiblaxx or sd4hide, google them ;)

DW, ive got it wrkin now all i needed was a mini image, BTW anti blaxx dont even work no more!

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so, do i have to hav a burner 2 play my downloaded gAME TORRENTS? if not then pls explain

i pwn.
In plain and simple english: YES YOU DO.

Need it anymore simple? :)

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-wolf8874- wrote:
so, do i have to hav a burner 2 play my downloaded gAME TORRENTS?
-Endrit- wrote?
In plain and simple english: YES YOU DO.
In plain and simple english: NO YOU DO NOT!

If I don't have a burner does this mean I cannot play a downloaded game torrent -Endrit-?
wolf8874 Suspended due non-functional email address
then how would i install it? the game is a PC game and i really hav been wanting 2 play it, pls get bak 2 me.

i pwn.
hey i recently dl a game (legal)...i used Daemon Tools to open up the installization and set up menu for the game. the game set up ran and the game was insalled. the game came in a mdf and mds file. i mounted them both to the drives and got an error stating please remove disc from current cd/dvd drive and insert the original disc in another drive D when i hit play on the game screen menu. i then used the anti-blax which came with the game i downloaded but it didnt work. i then downloaded safedisc4 hider to see if it would work. i read the instructions for the safedisc4 hider and tried to play the game and still no luck. if i could please get sum help, i would greatly appreciate it. ive been trying to play this game for a while and im getting really impatient tryn to make it work.
wolf and vish,

please read the full thread, both your questions are already answered.

Ok, i posted this post with to vishi in a private forum and i realised it was quite useful to share with everyone!

First of all the game is not (*legal*), no such thing. And the error message you are getting is becasue the game is looking for the corect disk for it to play on on drive e or d (you might have one or to it depends with the computer) What you need to do is TEMPORARILY shut down the 1/2 disk drives so then the game.exe wont search for the disk on the drives!

To this:
1.Click Start on your desktop, then click Run and copy and past this in: devmgmt.msc.
2.A new screen should come up called Device Mangager
3.Click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers(or something similar)
4.When youve clicked on it, right click on Primary and Secondary IDE Channels and click disable
5. DW this will only disable them, you can come back and enable them later


*NOTE* you must have daemon running on all emualtions and the .mdf and .mds file mounted on the drives(daemon drives)

Ok this post will not just apply to vishi but to everyother person getting the message, i was one of them.

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yea it did work for me, thanx endrit, but dont forget to re-enable b4 u shut down or youl hav serious prob restarting...good luck
oops i forgot to add that bit (SO THATS WHY MY PC DID IT) see i was having truble with my pc and everytime i started it up it said windows not started properly and it was rele annoying so YES DONT FORGET TO RE ENABLE AFTER FINISHING WITH THE GAME

vish, dou have msn? beacuse i dont want to talk on a thread its to annoying and long, anyway my addy is ********************

ok i didnt no lol
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endrit, I'd suggest editing out that email address otherwise the spambots will have a field day (and its 'gainst the rules ;)

Send vish696 a PM using this button in his post ;)

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i am having a simular problem i have downloades age of empiers iii and iv instaled it and now its askin for disc 1. how do i burn the disc 1 with Nero and what type of disc do i need to make?

hope someone can help
im new to torrents and all this stuff, i just wanted to download some pc games and i downloaded bittorrent and now im lost as to how to actually acquire a pc game...
hehe ~ go and check a torrent site

are some of the decent public sites.
hey i just downloaded Final Fantasy 8 of of torrent and i used Daemon Tools to open the images now i get to files one is FF8B.EXE and the other one is a crack for it so i figured i used the crack for it first but it gets to a point where my pc just freezes and when i take it out i try the other and a command prompt windows apears for a fews seconds and says (program to big to fit in memory)
i figure its not the pc cause i read all of the possible post there is on this so i cant be my ram cause i have 512 and it cant be a program that is taking up ram cause i have no games on my pc. and it cant be the autoexec.nt files and config.nt or something like that cause i did what other forums said to do. so any sugestions
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