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7zip or other compression methods

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i downloaded somethin that was in 7zip format and its zipped down to 2 GB.... When its unzipped its like 16 GB... I tried using 7zip to compress a file but it doesnt really compress that much andi would really like to free up space on my computer without deleting it. Does anybody know of any software that has a high compression ratio?
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andmerr Suspended account
have you tried sorenson squeeze?????????Actually why dont you just leave it zipped and burn that to a blank dvd disc.One of those discs are 4.38 gig and more than enough to burn a 2 gig zip file
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well actually that file is not the one I want to compress...the one im trying is 9 GB
andmerr Suspended account
Well you could try sorenson squeeze and then burn it to a 8.4 dual layer
well actually i want to find out how they compressed 16 GB to 2 GB in the 7z format
andmerr Suspended account
heres a link to a 7zip site that will provide you with all the info you need as well as a free download of the program.
you talking aboyt the snes roms right.............

I talked tot he guy who made it and he said you got to have alot of ram....

So basically free up some mem on your pc and then let it work. It takes like 2-3 hours to get it down and you cant run anything else so do it overnight man....

How much ram you got btw.

I got 512 mb and it took my like 4 hours to get a 21gb file down to 13 gb.
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i have 256....what settings did you put it on exactly?
when you add something to the archive...put the settings at highest,

for compression put ultra.

method ppmd

dictionary highest and word highest but if y0ou dont have alot of ram it wont let you so start from the top and go down to see what it lets you use.
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