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Can i fit a 730mb movie onto a 700mb cd-r ??

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I know this is probably slightly ignorant, but is there anyway for me to write this 730mb movie onto a 700mb disc, becuase I can't get any 90min cd-r's...

In one of the afterdawn forums someone said it's possible to do it with nero if you use the 'video option'...?
I don't follow....the only option nero gives u is writing a dvd....or am I blind..?

I know I can split the thing and chuck it onto seperate cd's but that means part one alone is going to be on 2 cd's and then another 2 for part 2...? how annoying :)

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thank u :)
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Is this file in vcd/svcd (.mpg) format or is it in divx/xvid (avi) format??
Well, since your saying that its one file I would presume its a divx movie...and yes you can burn a 730 mb file on a 700 mb cd-r..(atleast I have burned a 720 mb, so its worth a shot ;)
All you have to do it over-burn the cd...!!

eh, if you dont know how to over-burn then tellme ...I shall explain it !! :)

darshan damania
I never went over 720mb before 730mb is probably very possible but seems risky and i mean i like my burner lol :P
The capacity listed on the labeling of CD's is "mode-1" (data) capacity. A 80 minute CD holds approx 700 mb "mode-1". VCDs and SVCDs are recorded "mode-2" That same 80 minute CD holds approx 800 mb when recorded "mode-2". Therefore, if your 730 mb file is a VCD or SVCD compliant MPEG file you should be able to fit it on an 80 minute CD with "room to spare".

I burn VCDs, CVDs and SVCDs all the time from 800 mb compliant files, onto 80 minute CDs.
In my rush yesterday I didnt even say what format its in, well its .mpg
So I should try burning it as an vcd or svcd ?


I'll give that a try because it wont let me overburn by that much...
If its around 73 minutes long then its vcd if shorter its svcd, thats a quick way or sorting it out. Also it may need to be re-encoded, try with nero anyway!
Well, its mpg you need not worry...juss over burn it with nero...;)

darshan damania
Of course you might have to re-encode it aswell!
Alright, I had to burn it as a vcd because it was to big (long) for an svcd and i couldn't figure out how to crop it with TEMPGenc so that it would fit as an edited svcd...

Also Nero wouldn't let me overburn it...
Unless there's another way...darshan?
But I reckon its just too long, its +/- 70min

Anyways, looks like this will have to do.

Thnx All


No Problem on my part anyway!
but did you try overburning it though ?
yeah I did.
No worries though & thanx again everyone.

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