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1GB to 5GB Memory stick

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Burngames Suspended account
I was reading a thread around here that said you could turn the 4GB psp External Hard Drive into a 200GB hard drive. it also said that you could make a 1Gb memory stick into a 5Gb memory stick. How do you do this? I really need to know.
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k. here we go.

1GB to 5GB: OK This is impossible its just only a glitch with the Sony Ericsson K700-i-something mobile. apparently you can partition an extra few gigs. Its only a glitch and will screw up your MS if you try. Plus it needs a K700-a-whatsomojog, which are fairly expensive.

DATEL MAX 4GB HARD DRIVE: If you open it up you will find a slot where you place CompactFlash/MicroDrive Cards. Inside will already be a 4GB one. Buy a 200GB one (which costs heaps) and put it in. There you'll have 200GBs of space, enough for all your movies and isos.

However, I'd stick to Flash Memory (MemStks) rather than Hard Drives. HDs read/write slower than FLash Memory. Listening to music and viewing videos on a DATEL skips, slows down and speeds up.
ALso, Sandisk have managed to create a 40GB SD Card, at US$500=ish. Not soon until we see 40GB MS PRO Duos.

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1GB to 5GB: OK This is impossible its just only a glitch
not true...i know a way.

gather the following:

mem stick duo 1 gb
safety pin
dental floss
eye of newt
mem stick pro duo reader/writer
spray starch
yellow play-doh
signed copy of necronomicon

get back to me when you get that far....
samonwalk Suspended due non-functional email address
Can the PSP deal with Memory higher than 4GB ???? If so they why did'nt datel go for 5Gb or 10GB or 100Gb i wonder? I suspect 4GB is all the firmware can handle for now.

What we need is a seperate portable mini HD that we can plug in Via USD and fast copy content movies, iso's whatever onto the 2GB Mem stick in the PSP.... Anyone know if there is a PSP homebrew utility that allows you to copy from external source onto a internal memstick...

Alternatly a mini HD with WIFI so it can stream content to the psp...

or WIFI PSP servers installed in building that stream TV channels all the time now that would be good.....
Burngames Suspended account
yeardley are you just joking our are you serius? Also does the psp have memory built into it that you can save files to?

yeardley are you just joking our are you serius?

LOL u cannot be serious, geez I wonder if hes joking hmm lets get an eye of newt and some yellow play-doh and hax0r up our psp memory cards

of course the guy is joking!!!

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...dead serious
If you arnt jokeing how do you do it??

Its not possible!!!

Oh I have an idea, ... how bout we cut up a friken CD-R and try to use it as a UMD!!!



johnodd4 Suspended account
you can do it with datels external hard drive and extended battery kit

but let me warn you now im not responsible for this if it screws up your psp or you experiance lag i will explain in detail

things you need

1.the datel 4 gig hard drive and extended battery package

2.a 5 gig non sd non xd non memorystick duo card ready for lag

ok you disasemble the 4 gig hard drive remove the microdrive go online order a 5 gig microdrive replace 4 gig with 5 gig then put hard drive back together again connect and format

bad news several reviews have posted video and gameplay lag
is it possible

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johnodd4 Suspended account
yes it is possible
the DAtel thing's possible. The toothpaste whatever the heck isn't.

Another thing:
Micro$oft and William Gates have been attempting to bad mouth the PSP, saying that the PSP's using a FAT16 system and has max of 4GB blah blah balh.... THAT AIN'T TRUE as ppl have done it and did screenshots on the net. And the dude at Lik Sang confirmed it too.

Yet another thing:
It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a drive from the PSP's USB YET. However, some idiot has been making crap about a PSP "Portable HD" (cough) and sellin it online. In the end, it was only a portable file mover device thingy, so you dont need a computer to transfer files from your USB devices like MP3s. It'll still be useless cos u'd need a 2GB MS to transfer all your ISOs anyway. PLUS the idiot sold it on a FARMING VEHICLES SITE.

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The cheapest store to get the Hard Drive at in America is BestBuy! It is $219, It will end up being cheaper if you buy it in the store cuse you dont have to pay shipping!

Heres the link


Burngames Suspended account
O, I meant to tell you guys you can get a psp for $196.07 from that includes the shipign and handeling charges.

To bad you can't change the 1Gb memory stick to a 5GB one. You can get a 1Gb memory Stick from with free shiping. It last untill 11-28-05.
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ur a funy guy man. DNT U KNOW WHAT A JOKE IS LOL

eye of newt and memory stick ? 1 to 5 GIG? thats enough to know its a darn joke right?

2.01 > 1.5 > 3.03 OE-C . piracy rules.
hey u see the guy who sed that you can do sumin with the 4 GB DATEL HD , does he mean open it um and connect a real 200 GB hard drive to it , if not what Does he mean ?????!!!!!

2.01 > 1.5 > 3.03 OE-C . piracy rules.
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