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Can you burn psp game isos and how do you do so?

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I will be buying a 1GB Memory Pro Stick Duo and I am planning on burning psp isos onto the memory stick, but I have a few questions.
1) Can you download psp game isos and how big of files are they?
2) What else do you need to burn psp game isos on a memory stick?
3) Is all of this possible?
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You don't "burn" anything to a memory stcik. You write to it just like any other drive. You can download or rip ISO files and put them on your stick. You either need a memory card reader for you PC or a USB cable to connect your PSP to your PC. Download either Fastloader or UMD Emulator and these can run ISO files from the memory stick. You can Google both or check a site like ISO files uncompressed are very large, sometimes well over 1 gig. Typically, they are shrunk by the person who rips them. Sometimes data such as videos or audio from the game are removed to save space. This all depends on where you get it and how skilled the original ripper was in doing this stuff. There was another post here about torrents today you should check about downloading. Also check newgsroups. I use Newsbin Pro for that.
Thanks stan. So what do you recommend I buy if I want to write, say for example, Coded Arms or Metal Gear Acid, onto a memory stick. Would I need a memory stick thats larger than 1 GB or could I compress the file and play it on a 1 GB memory stick?
Also whats with all this firmware crap? I have no idea what people are talking about. I bought my psp a month or two after it came out and I haven't touched it since. Is firmware an OS or something? Anc can I just dl it? Thanks.
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firmware is not a OS...its something that Sony brings out to improve PSP..version 2.5 came out..look in teh PSP to see what version u got...people use 1.50 for Homebrew...

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Firmware is not an OS. It is a type of code writtent o the internal memory that makes the unit work and allows it to do certain things. As for ISO files, some can be compressed to below 1 Gig without losing anything, some can't. I really don't know much more about ISO files than playing them. I would get the biggest memory stick they make if you can afford it. If not, then a 1 Gig stick will do for the most part. You can download new firmwares from Sony, but if you are interested in homebrew applications such as emulators and homemmade games you have to use 1.5 firmware. Right now a downgrader exists that let's you go down from 2.0 to 1.5, but if you upgrade any higher than 2.0 you cna't do homebrew for now.
guys can i play iso's from with my psp v.2.0
and if iso was USA can i play it on my eur PSP
No, you cannot play iso's from version 2.0.
But i want to know if you can downgrade your psp back to version 1.5 and, how?
1.5 for homebrew and isos only.

2.0+ cannot run homebrew and isos.

You dump the UMD data onto the memory stick using fastloader or any other dumping tool.

firmware is the version of the system files, "OS" if you want to call it (but it ain't).
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need some help too please. just some questions:

1. of all is psp version 1.52 low enough firmware to play iso files with fastloader or do i need to get version 1.50?
2. all i keep on getting with fastloader is that files are corrupt and could not start (80020148) is this because i have firmware 1.52? if so how do i get 1.50 as the mph downgrader only works with ver 2,0 doesn't it? PLEASE HELP!!!
Yes you need version 1.5 exactly. To downgrade to 1.5 firstly you will need to upgrade to verison 2.0 and then downgrade using mph.
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OK thanks
so please explain how i can down grade and where to get the software i just got my psp and it is version 2.0 and i wanna be able to burn games on it. Thanks!

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you can get the complete downgrade kit from my website.


can somebody tell me what are the steps of making an actual iso of a psp game? I mean if it's an iso then i would just make an image of the psp game and put it on the memory card, that's how easy? thanks
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