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vhs copying by dvd recorders

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I have tried to make a copy of a couple of disney vhs tapes that i own from about 10 years ago. When my dvd free standing recorder flashed that they could not be copied, I purchased the Sima ct200. When it only displayed colored vertical lines, the Sima co. could not or would not tell what the problem was.
Whan I called Panasonic dvd recorder co. they said there is a guard on the dvd recorder which can not be removed.
I exchanged the Sima ct 200 for a new one, which also did not work.
Can you suggest a machine that will work?
I am not trying to do anything illegal, but rather just want all my vhs tapes on dvd disks
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Thank you
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Did you ever get your Disney tapes copied? I'm having a problem with the SIMA CT-200. I'm not sure if my hookup is wrong or if I bought a bad unit. I have a DVD/VCR recorder combo and was wondering if I need a separate VCR to do the copying? I'm confused, at this point.
No, I was unable to copy my disney vhs tapes to dvd.
I think however you do need a seperate vhs machine. The sima copy guard remover goes between the vhs and dvd machines.
I have tried several of the sima guard removers and they do not work with my panasonic dvd recorder EH50s.
I have called all involved companies and they are do not want to discuss it.
I have located a store in my area that said they could get me a gadget that would work. As of yet , I have not pursued it.
Good luck.
Let me know what happens.
hi did you get your videos,s copied to dvd
I had a sinilar problem.

The solution for me, was to connect the VHS player to my PC and then capture through my TC card (has s-video and vhs input) straight to my hard drive. I then used Nero to convert the capture MPEG-2 file to DVD VOB format. Worked a treat.

If you havent got a TV card then buy a simple A to D converter to capture the video stream and then use Nero.

Thanks "Pete917" i solved my problme because of you, Thanks a lot

go to the flea market and get a very old vcr,as the older vcr's do not have the copy guard chip..i have a couple of old rca 4-head vcr's
and there is not a vcr movie i can not copy.

a trick,when buying electronic stuff at a flea market...get a a/c converter and a small tv to check out a computer or a vcr or what ever..

I know this thread was started many months ago, but if you need a good in line macrovision remover, this one is supposed to work good. If the ad is correct, you can copy VHS to DVD or DVD to VHS. I built a macrovision remover years ago and it does work either way. I get excellent copies of dvds onto tape when needed. Here is the link.

Remember these devices go in the video output of the player to the video input of the recorder. Audio is a straight hookup and needs nothing.


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