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Adobe Premiere and AVI/XVID Problem

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I have seen posts -somewhat- discussing this problem, but not exactly what I'm having problems with.

I have some .avi files, and I have ffdshow installed. When I open these files in Premiere 6, they -play- fine, but if I try to import them, the program crashes and I get the error "Adobe Premiere had experianced a problem and needs to close." (Or something like it).

So then I converted the files to MPEG2 with TMPGenc, but when I load those into Premiere, it only loads the audio, no video. What on earth should I do?

(I tried to encode the .avis as MPEG1, but I couldn't figure out the ratio and interlacing and all that stuff, so the stuff ended up looking terrible)

I also have Nero 6 Ultra Edition...
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You may have some codec problems. Try download and install K-Lite codec Pack (full or mega version) from this site to see if things are better.

Good luck!
hi, i got adobe premiere pro 1.5 and i got divx/avi codecs installed. What i get is i can play video in preview but when i drug is on timeline it just switches to black screen and i cant edit it, how wierd?

I just re-installed both codecs and still the same effect? Im thinking of re-installing the Adobe premiere but hmm would that help? any suggestions?


vadimo is cool and good for you!
Premiere is not designed to work with codecs like XviD or DivX and they are not really designed for editing. I believe DivX has some work arounds though, so I would suggest using that to decode. Huffyuv always worked fine for me with Premiere so you could try that or another lossless codec.
Hi i tried Huffyuv and adobe didnt exept it at all, just stuck with Import bar. Also i tried DV primeire pro codec which didnt work i thought it would cause its designed for adobe pro so it just stuck with Import bar.

The only format that plays smoothly is wmv, all others have no sound or video or both on the timeline.

I checked my codecs they all work. Its really annoying i have spend a lot of time to learn this software and in the begining almost all files worked but now nothing.

vadimo is cool and good for you!
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