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vhs to dvd audio problem

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when I copy vhs or 8mm video to dvd using standalone recorder I get warped audio on the play back. The video copies perfectly using a stabilizer. I am trying to copy guitar intructional videos to preserve them. The warped audio is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?
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Well Since the audio Doesn"t Go through the Video stabilizer (The audio isn"t Copy protected) the Stabilizer doesn"t have an effect on the audio and if the audio is going directly into the DVD recorder from the VCR then I suspent that it is either the Audio Cable you are useing or the DVD Recorders audio Recording is Screwed up in which case there is nothing you can do about it accept maybe try a Different DVD recorder or a Different audio cable....

If the audio is Just Noisy or just sounds Bad you can try Ripping the DVD to your PC and Extracting the audio and Running it through an audio editor to clean up the audio and then author the New audio with the Video back to DVD.....

Sorry I can"t help Much as this is Not a problem that is related to Video Capture on a PC....

Good luck

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